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  1. Thank you very much all for your advice guys. It is very much appreciated
  2. I just phoned TfL. Was pretty confusing to be honest. The guy at the prosecutions department said 'we haven't received the report yet'. I tried to get clarification and as far as I can tell he said the inspector had submitted the report but the prosecutions team had not 'received' the report. I got him to confirm that no court summons had been issued. I did mention that it has been 6 months but he rambled something about they can resolve issues outside of a prosecution via fines. Not sure where I stand with them now.
  3. I changed address two weeks ago, but set up a Royal mail redirect. The incident was in Zone 1/Square Mile area so thats why I assumed CoL.
  4. Hi guys, It has been almost 6 months since my incident (20 March 09) and I haven't heard anything from TfL. I rang city of london magistrates and they didn't have my name on any listings. Though I suppose they were just checking current and not historical listings. Please can anyone tell me where I stand? I wish to phone TfL next week to ask what happened with my case. Thanks again for all the good advice
  5. Yes I have a copy of that piece of paper. I have requested that the tenancy be signed within the next week. I am just concerned that its up to them how long they string it out for.
  6. Hi, Last week we paid a holding deposit to a LA for a flat we wish to rent starting September. We signed a paper saying that they would take the property off the market once we had paid the holding deposit. Today I got a email from the LA saying I would sign the tenancy agreement a few days before I move in (almost a month away). I am concerned that the agent/landlord are holding out for a higher offer. The property is still being marketed by the same agent (on their website/gumtree) as well other agents. I don't have anyway to force them to sign the tenancy agreement in
  7. The Mayor's Fare decision What do people make of this? Apparently non-serious first time offences will be handled outside of court
  8. I found this post interesting - from the Underground union: Revenue Control Training | RMT Platform Seems not all staff have received proper training so MAY not be fully aware of the full procedures around evidence gathering/PACE.
  9. Unfortunately there was no (over very little) balance on the PAYG oyster from what i can remember.
  10. Underground - would you mind answering the following questions: -) under what circumstances/reason are cases passed to BTP -) if /when / why are are offenses charged under the Fraud Act? is there any chance this would be applicable to me or thegalax -) you mentioned adding bye law offense to the file - can you give examples where this may apply -) if wanting to 'settle' , can this be done before the summons arrives or are TFL reluctant to do so before then -) if case was to go to court and a not guilty plea entered on the the basis of evidence not admissible due incorrect caution
  11. The Greater London Authority Act is used for penalty fares. The full quote is from TFL will clarify: 4.1 Current legislation needs updating to take technological developments into account. It also needs a degree of flexibility to ensure relevance to future developments. The legislation governing the modes and their application varies greatly across the country. London Underground prosecute under Section 5 of the Regulation of Railways Act 1889 and also under byelaws made pursuant to section 67 of the Transport Act 1962 or schedule 11 of that Act. Bus Operators primarily prosecute under s
  12. I was reading the following, a Parliamentary hearing on transport issues. TFL themselves mentioned gave evidence House of Commons - Transport - Written Evidence and it mentioned the following: "Bus operators apply the current legislation differently, varying from a standard fare being charged for fare evasion through to penalty fares and prosecutions. The current legal framework does not have set transport-industry wide criteria for proving fare evasion. On London's bus network, not having a valid travel product represents adequate proof of fare evasion as PSV legislation does n
  13. Thank you Underground. Unfortunately there is no reason for me using the oyster card - other than stupidity. The inspector did offer me to read his handbook but I didn't - as I was nervous and wanted to leave the situation quickly. I now realise this is silly and I should have read it carefully. Yes the inspector did inform me that I did not have to stay with them. However this was said along with the caution at the very end of the interview, after all the questioning had been done and I was told to leave. He did ask to see one of my bank cards but didn't seem to take anyt
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