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  1. Are there any solicitors that will be prepared to take up these cases on a no fee basis (if the lender won't play ball) seeing as a lot of the work has already been done? They nearly all seem to be linked to some claims firm or other
  2. Cerberusalert That's brilliant ...thanks what about the credit card where they've sent two pages of the application (sorry if I'm being a pest) Buzzboy
  3. cerberusalert Today I have received for my Credit Card account photocopies of two pages that appear from the original application, they contain the usual details (name, address, some mortgage details, who I work for and income etc) then my signature, with the usual ''I have read the terms and conditions and cancel notice etc But theyhave sent nothing with interest rates or metod or frequency of payments on. And for the flexible loan(also with the Co-Op) they have sent me a reduced size copy of a page with my signature on counter signed by themselves there is a lot of print on the pa
  4. Cerberusalert I really appreciate you help I'll do that today, What's the next stage ? Cheers Buzzboy
  5. cerberusalert It's been 12 days since they received my CCA request sholud I wait a couple more days to allow for thepost? Also I have received a letter from them today stating that as from July 2009 they are withdrawing Advantage Gold Cards and will be upgrading holders to the Advantage Platinum Card will this affect my position? (you have no idea how much I hate the Co-Op!!!) Thanks for your help Buzzboy
  6. I have tracked and confirmed delivery of the CCA request and as I understand it they now haves 12 working days to reply ( i've followed your advice and not signed it, just printed my name) If they are unable to provide me with a copy of the original agreement or only send a copy of the app. does it then mean that it is an unenforcable agreement? or am I being too simplistic? Cheers Buzzboy
  7. Cerberusalert thanks for your guidence I've posted the CCA request today (recorded delivery) Is there a step by step 'what if' guide any where on the site? (BTW my grandaughter reckons that I'm a dead ringer for your 'Director of Threat-O-Grams!) Buzzboy
  8. I'll get the request sent off as soon as. Is the statutory time 30 days? Thanks buzzboy Also thanks to cds as i said I can't scan anything as I've not got anything yet
  9. Cerber You're a star Thanks I''ll do that By the way where did you get the picture of me from? cheers Buzboy
  10. Thanks guys but I don't have acopy of my original paperwork as it has been quite a few years since taking the card out. from what I can gather from other threads I need to write to them requesting a copy of the original terms and conditions-----Is That correct? and can they charge me for this information? sorry for appearing thick but I'm very green with this sort of thing! Thanks Buzzboy
  11. Help!! I have Gold credit with the Co Op it was taken out approximately 7 years ago and I want to find out if it is an unenforcable agreement. i am new to this forum and have spent the last two hours trawling through numerous other threads trying to find out how to get started and where to find templates etc. but I have to admit I'm stumped! so any guidence on where to look would be appreciated. I'm just crap on computors., and just seem to be reading posts that are some way along the process and so I'm at a loss as to where to start. i've no payment problems with the card as yet but they
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