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  1. wonderful thank you! Getting near to handing in time now, which is bit nerve-wracking
  2. Aha okay thank you. So something such as documents isn't hearsay - but if they were talk about what a person at the bank did or said who wasn't there, that might be? That definitely helps thank you:)
  3. Can someone from the site team help me with this quick query please? My witness statement needs to be in today - and have just noticed we're supposed to say what should be treated as 'hearsay evidence'. Is this something I NEED to raise?... The issues in my WS - their 'credit agreement' was not signed by us, a DN was not served and a termination notice was sent without a DN - does not match their version of events. So if we're at odds is there any hearsay evidence at all?
  4. Good evening, I have a question ... if the 'signature' is on a separate page to the prescribed terms does that mean its not a proper agreement? And if a claimant doesn't have the original agreement, can it be enforced?
  5. EEK can someone help please!! I think I've misunderstood standard disclosure. Are we supposed to be serving the N625 and list of documents just on the claimant, or to the court? Sorry am a bit confused. It's supposed to be sent by 4pm today, but we haven't received anything from the claimant yet
  6. Thanks Citizen , that's great. Have been searching and couldn't find the info I needed..will have a look first thing tomorrow now:) early start in morn
  7. Can anyone help with standard disclosure please, am really stuck? The court papers states: "Each party shall give to the other party standard disclosure of documents by serving a list of documents." Is this list anything like the proper form please: * Letters from Mint to the defendant - nine letters dated *** to *** which include: Letter dated ***response to CCA section 77/78 request including copies of: loan agreement form, application details, statement of account, terms and conditions, loan protection insurance policy. Letter dated *** including loan statement * Letters f
  8. Hi, we received an offer for full and final settlement from their solicitors for about two-thirds of what they're claiming... I am thinking of writing to refuse, as we don't know anyone who has anywhere near that amount of money. Does anyone have a template letter to help me reply to them? Just want to make sure I get it right and don't damage our case:confused:
  9. Hi Bazooka Boo, thanks was hoping someone might just know and have a quick answer. But will do that:)
  10. Hi, wondered if anyone here could help. We're in the middle of a court battle and have just received an offer for full and final settlement. We don't have any relatives who would be able to afford anywhere near what they're asking (around £7k). If we write back refusing, can we make a much lower offer later on? (if by chance someone is able to help us at some stage in future....)
  11. Hi, good luck with your letters hope they manage to sort things out with you. I had a question about the agreement you posted. Does it have your signature on it? Its very similar to mine from Mint, except mine doesn't have a signature box!
  12. Good afternoon, I wonder if someone might be able to help with a bit of advice on standard disclosure. We have until Oct 16 to file these...I've had a look at N625 (I found it online the court didn't send us this form. The court just says to send 'a list of documents') and not sure exactly how to fill it in or what to do. The only documents we have are: copies of letters my partner sent to Mint, and copies of the documents they sent to us during this case ie: their so-called "agreement", default, termination notices etc. Should we include all these, as these will be things discussed in our cas
  13. Hi Notty, sorry I've been hectic at work and just seen the email. I think you are fast track same as I was. Someone on here advised me on my AQ as don't have any knowledge myself. I think you need to get advice from someone experienced about writing a draft order for directions but yes I think the lack of response to CPR 18 is part of that. Will have a look at what was in mine. What date should it be in, maybe you could PM someone like 42man for help?
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