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  1. Hi His benefits is actually paid direct to them, the agreement was they then take their money and put the rest into the account. But now it has paid paid they are still taking the money and there is no direct debit or standing order so he cannot stop it!!! I need to help him. Thanks
  2. Good Morning Guys!!!! Need your help with an issue my partner is having at the moment. He has a loan with credit union which he has paid back early with his savings he had with them WHICH THEY HAVE CONFIRMED ON A NUMBER OF OCCASIONS (but never in writing). NOW they are still taking the £14 per week although they are aware HE HAS PAID BACK THE LOAN, they are blaming their system saying it is a shared account? This is his account only and he gets his benefits paid into it. He paid the loan early with his savings as he cannot afford to have this amount of money taken off h
  3. only problem is i don't have a scanner!! I think I will just sent them a financial statement and offer of payment, i am stressed to my eye balls with this.
  4. credit agreement and statement has come, where do i go from here?
  5. will i just wait until i have had my credit agreement through?
  6. Post Regarding the subject access request.... when should i do this? When credit agreement has been reeceived? Will a subject access request include any letters and transcipts of phone calls or will they just give me what they feel like? Thanks
  7. just remembered i havent kept notes of dates and times of phone calls for arrangement made!!! what am i going to do, just make basic notes of rough dates?
  8. i just remembered i did not keep a copy of the letter i sent saying i would not pay until i received a detailed direct debit mandate!! do you think this will matter?
  9. hi post sent my cca 9th april recorded and £1 fee they received on 10th they have til tuesday, my letter dispute letter will be sent 29th. They sent me a letter saying I made a SAR when i did nothing of the kind! I have complained to financial ombasman today so we can wait and see the result for that aswell. I am so stressed about this because I really don't want to have to go as far as court.
  10. tell me about it i am so stressed out i am terrified it will be my work they contact next!! does someone want to help ma draft a letter to the oft? thanks
  11. dont think they will be able to, i put them down as referees not as people to chase! yes they live at a seperate adress, i supose i can start getting them to take names and times. thanks blueda
  12. this is the attachment Dear Sir/Madam Account number: I am writing to complain about [insert the name of the collector if known and details of the actions or events that are causing the problem]. I have been advised that, under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, it is an offence to engage in aggressive commercial practices, including the harassment of debtors by making demands for payment in a manner that causes unreasonable distress, fear or embarrassment. I believe that the actions/events described above may be considered harassment. I am
  13. I wrote to the OFT please see the response i got Thank you for your enquiry. Subject access request is term some companies' use when individual request details of information the company holds about them. You are correct about the 12 day rule. If further month passes after the 12 days have lapsed Welcome Finance will have committed an offence and you can report them to Trading Standards. The following extract from our information system may be of some use to you in respect of this matter - A client is also entitled at any other time to receive from the credit provider
  14. citizen b you need paerwork to complain there i think.
  15. no I mean help to write them a letter as they were discussing my account with my mum and dad and leaving explicit voicemails saying they are going to legal action due to arrears etc (i recorded that voicemail) Thanks
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