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  1. I've just been on the phone with them again and questioned the monthly fee. If you were to cancel your current membership then say in two months renew it, you would also be paying the same as me as this is the only membership they do now. Apparently the fault has now been fixed and the default should be removed in a couple of days or so. They have a back log to get through.
  2. I was paying £7.99 before that was in April, now they are saying it's £15 so you can check your score as well at anytime for free.
  3. So what you're saying in effect that this default showing on my credit file that shouldn't be there doesn't effect my credit rating? What's the point in paying the £15 a month then? This is the only bad thing I have on my file, everything is paid on time, my balances are paid in full every month and my personal score is 371, very poor!
  4. Well this so called tech problem is causing my credit rating to suffer. Surely it can be done manually ? It's just a removal process. I'm really annoyed as it is with a default being placed for no reason without them saying it's a tech problem. This is what they do as a business. If a mobile phone shop ran out of phones then I guarantee the very next day they would have more stock. I'm paying for a service I'm not receiving from them. They have kindly refunded £8 of this months £15.
  5. Brilliant, thanks for this. I had a loan with them but only for a month and paid it off, it helped short term. Going to ring creditexpert again and tell them it's not on and will be contacting the info commissioner. I'm actually paying these £15 a month for the privilege also!
  6. Hi all, I recently rejoined credit expert as a ccj was due to drop of my report. I found I had a default for wonga and I owed them £375. This wasn't the case so I rang wonga, the confirmed it wasn't the case and they would notify the cra. Great I thought! Now the problem is Experian have told me that they have heard from wonga and will remove the default and any arrears. I'm still waiting after2 weeks! Experian keep saying there is a technical fault and unable to update any files because of it. This to me feels as if they are lying to me and strange? Any ideas? Also if this cont
  7. Oh I would love to know those addresses, I could probably guarantee they would stop hassling me if I did.
  8. Brilliant thanks for this, I ring them purely because it's with this bloke in India who has the account. Not really sure where to send the letters to at HFO because he's India based.
  9. Another update, just heard from these again today, they have sent me a very long letter headed in red capitals "Schedule of Litigation". This is then followed by what is going to happen next and time line. Then there is 5 pages telling me how much more it's going to cost to be taken to court, I will scan this and post it up first thing tomorrow it's unbelievable. It's copied of the web with pages missing. I asked them to prove that the debt was not statute barred in November and heard nothing since. Today I rang again and the rep pointed out that he sent out proof. It's a lie never receiv
  10. Hi again thanks for all the support on this. Firstly hi donkey, the debt was bought by HFO in 2006, between 2000 and 2006 I moved 3 addresses so maybe that's why it took a while for them to let me know? Sillygirl the 2007 direct debit was set up under duress ! They were absolutely horrible when they rang, at work, at home! Saying I would be on the streets that's why it was set up. The thing on my side is why since 2006 when they acquired the debt haven't they took it to court? In 4 years surely they would of done by now? I want to deal with them in writing only but the blo
  11. I have no idea where this new payment has come from? In may 2009 when I sent the stat barred letter HFO told me the last payment to m and s was 15/03/00 now they have a new date of 9/5/01 and the payment for £4 something?
  12. Yes but payments were made by DD in January 2007
  13. Hi donkey To answer those questions mate, yes I got my statements and they do show the direct debit, this was set up on the 15/12/06 but they said the last payment to the oc was on 15/3/00. That was a year and a half ago. If this is correct then it is stat barred. Now they are saying there was a payment to m and s on 9/5/01 which would mean that it wouldn't be stat barred. I sent the stat barred letter in May 2009 and also the harassment letter. Then last month they started with the letters again. Is it possible for them to make this new payment date up? I will get the cca up as
  14. They have sent me the CCA for free? Spoke to them today and apparently a new last payment date has come up in May 2001, i've asked for those details to be sent to me which they are doing? I have never sent a SAR to M and S but this is being sent tomorrow.
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