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  1. I know. I have sent letters and had replies saying they have no details on me....please read the op properly. it says at the beginning i sent 3 letters and all came back with no details... Leonie
  2. Hi, I figured as much about the joint account but we are not on good terms and any loans we had were in my name but used on stuff for him and we had loads of charges but as the account is now in his name I'm guessing I can't get anything? even though i have now got the loans to attempt to pay off. I'm not sure what other info to give you, other than i don't know what to do next with the letters As for EDF that was just an addition to my frustrated message. I set up a new DD and they took £36 more than they should have, then a week later they took the whole £95 again. Just been on
  3. Hi, I have sent 3 letters out to various banks. All 3 came back with the cheques quoting no information on me. I have moved but gave previous addresses etc though. I also have an Ex husband and i have had loans with Lloyds which are connected to the joint account we had but he now has. We also had a car from Welcome car finance in Wales (the one that was advertised all the time but can't find the paperwork, I suspect he's got it all) I'd like to claim for the PPI on that because we were told in no uncertain terms we wouldn't get the car without it. I also
  4. Hi, well after being on holiday I have returned to the standard letter. ombudsman etc etc. so now it appears its court and I'll admit I'm a bit scared! I know others have been here so can someone just nudge me in the right direction, I know about moneyclaim on line its just a case of getting my head in the right place! Thanks for any help!
  5. Thank you. dh read my post so he knows now but said he knew we would have to pay. have read loads of threads and do feel ok, just having one of those moments.
  6. Hi, well I've now sent the second letter, LBA. Hubby is very sceptical (sp) and seems to think we won't get any money back. I haven't told him we may have to pay court costs yet as I'm off with PND and its only his wage to pay all bills and look after 2 little boys! Am I mad to try this? I keep thinking everyone can't be wrong but I do wonder if I am going to be able to go all the way with this. I know I can come on here for support but its not the same when one of those threatening letters turns up. Sorry to spout but I think I just need reassurance this will turn out ok!
  7. well sort of, I posted straight on my bank (lloyds) so I thought i should come on here and introduce myself and say hello:) and huge thanks to those who are doing all the work to help us get our money back!!! Leonie.
  8. Me too. Hubby is not sure of this at all but when I show him all those pennies he should be a bit happier! He's only grumpy for now cos of the time spent on the pc. Leonie
  9. Hi, Can't help as such but wanted to say I'm at exactly same stage. got my 2nd response letter today. LBA due to go on thursday. how bout we keep in touch so we can compare results? leonie:)
  10. Hi, we have a natwest account opened. It's the colmore address is on my letter. I'll send it to them. thanks leonie
  11. Hi, well I've recieved the second letter with the paragraph about OFT's thinking etc and have until 15th sept to resond if i don't then I agree with them. so obviously I don't agree so I now need to send the letter before action. So which address is it going to? the original one Gresham street or the birmingham one on this letter? Thanks for any responses. Leonie:confused:
  12. lennieirg

    I'm new!

    Hi, I'[m a newbie. I have sent my pre lim letter to lloyds and recieved a nice polite letter back saying they would look into it and get back to me in less than 2 weeks. Has anyone else had polite letter and got charges back or am i in hopeless denial this will be a simple thing to sort! Cheers, leonie
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