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  1. Hi, it's been more like 7 X 800 & 1 X 400 = £6000 and now another £400. As a matter of principal it just doesn't feel right. My relative is very elderly so doesn't really want to go court, I think I will draft a detailed letter to the managing partner of the estate agent?
  2. Received a letter from the estate agent. Enclosed a copy of an agreement dated and signed in 2000 stating: ' I have understood and fully agree to all relevant pages of your terms and conditions and I instruct X estate agent to act on my behalf for the purpose of letting my property. I understand payment becomes due should X estate agent be instrumental in introducing a tenant who consequently takes occupation of the property.' Would this apply for renewals? Is so would I still need to see that the tenants have agreed to stay through them?
  3. From what I have gathered it should ok, in the worse case scenario the court would construe the agreement according to the intent of the parties.
  4. Quickie need your help not an expert on contract and helping a family member out. I received a signed company contract today all the information is correct apart from a slight typo on the landord address.(relative is landlord) should be rd rather than ave. The company has been made aware of this and are fine. Is this ok to leave it(maybe initial it) or should a new contract be drawn up? Cheers,
  5. Oh really? Found a renewal memorandum signed by my relative agreeing to the renewal. Both tenants have not agreed to stay but apparently this is more for the introduction. The estate agent has agreed that this is the final payment.
  6. Hi Steve, My understanding of the OFT vs Foxton case was the agent had to have done something for the renewal fee?
  7. I sent a letter stating I no longer require the agents services. Just received a response from the estate agent(the actual owner) 'Stating that they have not received payment for the renewal and that this payment will constitute the final payment!' Should I now: - Respond stating I do not feel I am liable for payment x,y,z reasons I would prefer not to go court, but feel it is not a fair demand for payment. The foxtons case I imagine would imagine override any agreement(if found), however having spoken to my tenant he is now saying that whilst he has not heard a
  8. Any ideas chaps on what the best plan of action is, the relative I am assisting is rather elderly and exteremly anxious.
  9. The estate agent today sent a letter threatening court action:eek: After 9 years the estate agent is not providing a new contract or securing a rent a inrease or has been in contact with the tenant etc... The tenant who is on good terms with me has said that they want to stay but not sure how long, so the agreement is rolling on.(nothing for the estate agent to do) Shall I again write to the estate agent and explain or ignore, the estate agents is behaving in a very forward manner:sad: As always thank you in advance.
  10. Think I found the answer, if for example your agreement starts on the 12th June 2009 then the expiry would be on the 11th June 2010 on the notice. Also one copy is required for the landlord one for the tenant. HTH:)
  11. I'm just need some help completing a Section 21(4)(a) for a periodic tenancy. Just want to make sure, in the section for the expiry do I put the day before expiry of the agreement, if we are presuming it is another year? It looks like this: After: _______________________________________________ or, if this notice would otherwise be ineffective, after the date being the earliest date not earlier than two months after the date of service of this notice when shall expire a period of the assured shorthold tenancy. Signed by landlord/agent:_____________________ Da
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