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  1. Hi again Slick and thanks again for your help, It looks I've been very silly not checking what I was signing and taking somebody's word for it. Although I just thought I was joining a gym. Trading standards also seem to be on my side. Anyhow what's the worst case senario here? What are AMSL likely to do to try and retrieve the money from me?Do they still have the power to place defaults on people's credit files or will they have to take it to court? I don't intend on paying either way to be honest. Il make things extremely difficult for them if needs be. Thanks Syko
  2. Hi Slick, The form that I signed states contact 15 in small writing at the bottom right corner. At the time of joining the gym I was not made aware that I was signing a contract and that it was just a direct debit mandate. The alleged contact is for 6 months. I have explained the situation to Ashbourne and also Trading Standards. Ashbourne say I have to pay and the most recent letter, threatens me with a solicitor taking action. I've had previous letters also threatening a serious default. Trading standards have copy's of the direct debit/contract form and also the letters that I'
  3. Im going through issues with these morons as we speak. I was told I could cancel my gym membership at any time by the gym owner however im now been told by Ashbourne that I could have severe consequences against me like a solicitor recovering the money owed which is 81 pounds or a default. I have contacted Trading Standards who informed me Ashbourne are in the wrong but from what i can gather Ashbourne are ignoring letters to leave me alone at the moment. I find writing to there colections department completely pointless so I have gone about retreiving both Mr&Mrs Clayton-Wrights hom
  4. I have today recieved a letter from Midland Expressway requiring a total of 26.50 from me as i used there toll road on the 09/08/2011. I did use the toll road but it was purley by mistake that i turned onto it as i was lost. I used it for 1/4 of a mile, reached the toll booth where i told the attendant i had no money. I was advised i would get a bill through the post and i must pay it within so many days to avoid extra charges being added. Ive heard nothing untill today. The letter states if i dont pay within 7 days they will take legal proceedings and add court and administration f
  5. Brilliant that reads better . Il get that in the post tommorow. Thanks very much for your help
  6. I thought they were in the wrong for asking me for more information. Im going to send them the following back. Do you think this will be sufficient or do i need to be more harsh? Dear Mrs J Munro Regarding the recent letter I received from you regarding Wescots unauthorised searches on my credit file. I have no intention on providing you with my previous addresses or any more information on myself. Wescot have searched my file without my permission and this should be on your records from the dates and information i have given. If you cannot provide me with proof or legal reason to
  7. I have recently checked my equifax credit report only to find it had been searched by Wescot credit services and marked outstanding debt on 2 occasions in 2008 which is having a negative effect as it is showing to lenders. I wrote a letter to Wescot explaining i no nothing of the alledged debt gave them the dates that they had searched my file and also sent them a cca request . I have today recieved a letter from them which says they can not locate any information on there system and that i need to supply details of previous addresses for them to investigate further. They didnt run
  8. I'm pleased to here you have had the footprints removed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I get mine removed shortley. I've found this thread very helpfull
  9. I have a small update. I still have not had a reply from equifax however I've been in contact via email with a Rob Sands complience manager at Mackenzie hall. I explained my situation and asked for proof of the so called debt from them. He tryed to fob me off with how I need to contact Lowell and that my account had been closed with them. I simply told him that if Mackenzie was to put a bad mark on my credit file they would need proof of the debt. Obviously they don't have proof because the following email was an apology and to say all footprints were to be removed. Im still not c
  10. It's hard to believe these idiots have our personal information I'm still waiting a reply from equifax but will post here as soon as I do get one
  11. Its been six weeks for me without a ciggy . I took the champix for 2 weeks and cant praise them enough:D. I had a few strange dreams but would recommend them to anyone.
  12. Ive had the same happen to me tonight. I checked my report with experian 6 months ago and found out mackenzie hall had been searching my report but they showed up as unrecorded enquirey soft searches so didnt worry about it. However i have payed for my report tonight with equifax to find searches by mackenzie hall are showing up as outstanding debt hard searches (which they arnt) and can be seen by lenders. Ive emailed equifax tonight to see what they have to say.
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