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  1. ty cerberusalert, will try that and see what happens thanks for the replys all
  2. Thanks for the replys I have had no contact with them untill now, its not like i have hid or anything, been on electoral register. So do i just tough it out?
  3. Hey all, i had a ccj against me that lapsed about 2 months ago (credit file is now clean) just today a had a letter from a dca asking for payment for the original loan, do i send them the SB letter? Or do i proceed in a different way, i have neither acknowledeged or paid any money towards this debt in over 7 years. Just would like to no where i stand TY
  4. well next time i hear from them you can be sure my FIRST port off call is to you superb people for the correct way to go about it Cheers all
  5. oh dear, think iv made a mess then!!! sent sb letter to them back in may, but aint heard nothing since tho. Shud have asked first!!!! Ok will just have to wait and see i guess Thanks
  6. Hey all again!! just want some advice about ccj's please. An account was defaulted late 2002 but it wasn't till early 2004 that the ccj was placed against the account, when does the SB actually come into force please?? Again grateful for all your help
  7. Thats brill many thanks:-)
  8. Hi all, just got the standard letter from 1st credit and was about to post of sb letter, when i realised that it was a PO Box address, how can i get this signed for or would i just post first class??? Many Thanks in advance as usual
  9. Hi all, think i'm been a bit thick here, but when would your account become SB? when you was defaulted on it or the date from the CCJ? or even last payment date Sorry if its an obvious one!!!
  10. Thanks for that, if they do try to chase i will come back on here to learn my next option Again thanks for your help
  11. as a matter of interest i have sent a s/b letter (reply received 10.05.09) out before to a different company with the result that my account is now on hold for 28 days while they obtain the information required..... they then go on to ask me to forward to them any documents i may have!!!
  12. oops sorry was typing when you posted that ha ha
  13. Thanks for that, just can get a bit scary dealing with these people. So the statue barred letter would be the ideal response then
  14. thanks for that, i will have a look, but it only will cover the last 6 years wont it? Also it wasn't on my experien credit report when i last looked (3 weeks ago)
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