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  1. Not many people will bother and banks don't seem too bothered either. It was tried before, just google it. Hope to have an update again soon - they don't know what's going to hit them.
  2. Well, the update is I thought I'd have even more fun than just sending 1p cheques. See, first off, I found their freepost address. Then I send them a complete cheque book (25 cheques) of 1p each in seperate envelopes. So at a cost of about 35p per freepost envelope, it's going to cost them 35x more than anything they ever receive off me. However, I thought I'd have even more fun than that, so I didn't sign or date any of the cheques. So they sent them back to me by recorded delivery (most cost to them) so I just dated them but didn't sign them and sent them all back (again each in th
  3. How long ago did they take over the account ?
  4. Can you scan it in blank out your details and then upload the image using ImageShack® - Online Media Hosting
  5. Hi Nagasis, I'll be sending them a covering letter with the block thanking them for paying the postage & recorded delivery fee for the last two batches and highlighting how it has already lost them money and how I will continue my method until I get my way. Will let you know but it will probably be today if I can find a spare box big enough for the block.
  6. I'm sure I've read somewhere that if someone simply asks for all information held, that is exactly what they had to provide. Is this not the case then ? Edit: Found the link HERE "However, if the data subject is adamant that he or she wishes to receive a copy of everything the data controller holds on him or her, then there is very little the data controller can do about this, and a completely exhaustive search of the computerised and manually held data in the organisation will be required."
  7. Yes, I understood you. So angry cat may not have been on this thread even if his name was showing at the bottom but 'are we there yet' Fred was still online (green blob) despite claiming to go to bed. Anyway, I'm sure they'll both be back and want to post a few more pics and silly questions. I don't think they can themselves so I won't hold it against them. All are welcome to read & post, I just don't see the point in going off in a strop and coming back within 24/48 hrs and posting or preteneding to have gone off to bed. Each to their own.............. Edit: BTW
  8. Yes bookworm, I started this new thread as the old one got full of stupid and repetative questions by Fred & co. Then he went off in a strop so I figured I'd start a new one to remove the junk. However, Fred & co have simply come back and still post drivel. The refresh rate is quite quick and the other giveaway is the little green blob next to the scales that shows Fred was still online, and that refreshes pretty much instantly. Anyhow, I will check with the RM if the freepost address is still valid and if so, it's off to the post office with a concrete block being sent
  9. OMG, amazing !! Here's a tip for you guys. If you want to lie and pretend you are not here or reading this thread......... 1. Don't post. Believe it or not it's a dead giveaway ! 2. Log out so your name doesn't show at the bottom ! Haha, and to think you guys critisize the DCA's for when they can't keep up with their lies. Thanks again, you really have made me laugh !
  10. Lol, no you're okay, you've clearly shown you can't stick to what you say. No tell me if we are there yet ? It's angry cat that still lurks that is making me laugh, haha - brilliant ! EDIT: On second thoughts are you are STILL online at 23:46 and reading this thread, I'd just like to thank you once again for showing that you don't stick to your word. It's nice when people show their true colours to all.
  11. As there have been two 'offical' leavers to return and one 'lurking' leaver, I might have to come up with a prize for maybe the 5th or 10th one. You guys really do make me laugh. I'm thinking the prize could be a certificate with copy of your 'I'm leaving' post and your 'I know I said I'd leave but.........' laminated in a nice presentation pack.
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