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  1. Hi Are DCA's allowed to legally re-register a default? I have a default that is OVER 6 years old, so it should of been SB'd but I have just checked my Credit Report and it has been re-registered by the DCA as of March this year. I have not made contact or acknowledged the debt with the DCA. I have also seen another one that was re-registered last year despite the fact that I was made an offer to clear the debt 4 years ago and made the payment requested. I have made mistakes in the past due to a marriage breakdown, but surely this is not fair? Paul
  2. Hi I purchased a power supply for my PC from an online retailer in the UK. 8 months later the PSU just died, the warranty is 3 years "Power Swap" with a company called OCZTechnology. I know that as it is past 6 months it is not the retailers responsibility so I set about getting the item repaired/replaced with the manufacturer. They promptly gave me an RMA number but insisted that I had to pay costs of returning the item to them. Today my wife went to the post office to send it off. it cost £29.40 to send it to them in the Netherlands. They are insisting that it is my
  3. Yet again they have called. They are insisting on doing a full review. I even took the guys name and told him that if they continued to call I would contact the police and pursue a criminal harrasment case against them and the guy simply said "Whatever" His name is Paul Watts, they are using different numbers to call me on.
  4. Hi, dragging this up from the depths again. I have been making regular payments of £35 to these parasites as the ORIGINAL CCJ stated, even though UC were happy for me to pay £25. Now I am getting phone calls from these people saying that as I have been paying £35 for a while they want to review my case. They started asking for things like "your mobile number" "your employers details" I quite rightly told them that they were not entitled to these details as under the Data Protection Act they only need enough data to carry out the job. They told me that they are entitled to review the
  5. I now have had a reply from the letter I sent dated 7th April. They have stated the following: "As there is no obligation on us to produce a copy of the actual agreement executed by you, please find detailed below, the financial particulars relating to the loan." They also state: "Section 77 of the Consumer Credit Act imposes an obligation to supply a 'copy of the executed agreement'. Section 180 of the act provides for the making of regulations governing the form and content of copy agreements and, pursuant to that section, the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copies
  6. Thank you all for some excellent advice. I have just printed of the letter and it will be on its way this evening. I feel that this entire business needs urgent reform and legislation. My friend has just been chased for a debt for a loan he was paying yet the company folded. Now a debt collector has knocked on his door 8 years later. He is determined that the debt collector has nothing on him and is taking them to court.
  7. There has not been a gap of 6 years. I have made a regular payment.
  8. Yes the PPI was taken while in the forces. I (as were many soldiers) was sold insurance that was heavily loaded even though in some cases we were not covered. I was sold Life insurance prior to Operation Granby that was heavily loaded. Only to find that they would not pay up any claims due to it being a war. The insurance guy actually came to my house and we signed the papers there. He knew I was going to the Gulf. PPI is the biggest con ever. Even my mortgage insurance would not cover me when I broke my leg and then also tried it again when I had an operation (to fix the original break)
  9. I have spoken to them to day, albeit a little heated. I spoke to Nicky Richards. (Pagagon Collections Manager) telling them that I was considering reporting them to the FSO. She insisted that as they had thousands of agreements that they knew the law. I asked them to provide me with a statement of account and a CCA with PARAGON FINANCE. She believes that they do have one, I know for sure that they do not have anything signed by me that would resemble any form of contract. Is it me or do these people seem to think that anybody with a debt must also be stupid and will not challenge anything
  10. The judgement was not with Paragon, it was with Universal Credit. I believe that UC went bust in 1999 and Paragon bought the debt from them. Is the advice still valid? I know that interest was frozen as part of the judgment.
  11. I had a loan from Alliance & Leicester in 1993. The loan was for £5000. I broke by leg and due to circumstances beyond my control could not make the payments. I was told I could not claim on the insurance because I was not in employment for more than 6 months (Although I had only just left the military after 9 years service and started work for the new company 1 week later). A judgement was made against me to Universal Credit. The judgement was for £25 a month. These payments have been met constantly. I am now being harrassed by Paragon Finance who say that they own the debt and
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