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  1. ukcps dont go to court as he doesn't stand a chance tbh, i got a ticket from ukcps but the dates were wrong on the photos so the dvla got them to take the fine off and told them they were unable to chase me, my brother also got a ticket from them for parking on yellow lines, he got his ticket last May, ignored all the letters and needless to say hasn't heard anything since, just ignore them they'll get bored eventually
  2. il just give you a brief picture of my problem, first our lettings agent lied to the TDS in order to get the landlord our deposit, as we felt this was unfair we wanted a data access request to prove they were lying and therefore win our deposit back as we had done nothing wrong, we sent the agency a data access request and ten pounds and got prove of signature, 40 days later and no sign of contact i sent them a further letter asking them to contact me so we can resolve this, i gave them another 14 days which has now been 20 and once again no contact has been made, the commissioners office have
  3. also if i make a complaint to the information commisioners office is there chance of me getting my money back and could i take them to court aswell, i dont really have the money to take them to court or know the process or price tbh, kind of thought they would give in by now but i must be silly thinking that
  4. so i just wanted to update you guys on this whole mess. the 40 days passed and we heard nothing though we had proof they had signed for it so we knew they had the letter. i also sent them a few emails reminding them how many days they had left etc, though they never replied to those either. finally i sent a final letter stating if they dont contact me within 14 days i would be taken legal action, once again 14 days have passed and still no contact im starting to think there ignoring us for a reason, maybe its because they dont want to admit there wrong, anyway what steps now?
  5. it is currently the 39th day today and still nothing of the lettings agency, ive decided im going to send them a letter which i found on the commissioners website, i doubt it will do much of which i will probably put in a complaint about them, i think its disgusting that a leading high street agency can do this and get away with it, i just wanted to know if they send the data access request after 40 days, should i accept that as reasonable or still put in a complaint after all they are breaking the law, and i very much doubt im going to receive the letter by tomorrow!
  6. personally i wouldn't even bother sending good old andrew a message, i know an employee of lowell and he treats them worse than he treats his so called debtors, dont waste your time, make sure they dont ring you more than 3 times a day or its 'harassment' and they can get done for it, other than that they are a pointless company and not worth wasting your time on.
  7. im just here to give an update of the whole data access rubbish, its been 33 days since they received my letter and my cheque, about 5 days ago i received a letter from them saying they had past my letter onto there legal department who in turn will be in touch with me, ive been told as this is nothing to do with credit i only have to give them 28 days as its not a bank or credit what have ya, so they've sent me a letter basically putting it off so they can delay it longer, they stil haven't cashed my cheque and its starting to really frustrate me now, i know there deliberately trying to get o
  8. thanks for replying they've so far had roughly 20 days since they signed for it so im going to wait and see if they reply at all though correspondance isn't there strong point as they lost our letter to them previously, this time i do have a copy of the signiture of the royal mail site so i know they have got it, thanks again anyway
  9. hi, once again ive found myself a bit stuck so wondered if some of you lovely people on here might be able to help me out. ive previously been on here due to several problems in regards to landlord, letting agent, tds and so on. we lost our deposit due to the lettings agent lying about how long we stayed in the house (we left early due to water in the electrics because of a leaky roof, no garage key, a faulty gas fire and a central heating system which was broke) the agency said it was fine to move out as we had given the landlord three months to resolve these issues in which he hadn
  10. were not paying for a solicitor or lawyer our friend is a lawyer and his field is contractual agreements so he knows what the landlord can and cant do as such, always a handy to know a lawyer . we gave both the ll and agency a months notice we told them if things were resolved during this month we would stay also, the agency agreed to this, the landlord however threatened us also telling us we have to stay there no matter what, that the gas certificate is lying and there is no leaky roof/water in the electrics. he also said he wished he'd never chose us and preferred the other people an
  11. thankyou so much for the reply you've been very helpful. the tds told us they've given the ll our deposit because the agency have lied saying they recieved no letters or documents or phone calls from us, which were extremely unhappy about as we have made lots of contact and feel the agency have lied to get the ll the money. we are speaking to a solicitor today and were going to see if we can do anything else, deep down i reckon were never going to see our 650 again but i think this is ridiculous that it happens day to day. we know the agency have lied to the tds but there all in
  12. thankyou for the reply. regardings the problems unfortunately we didnt notice the problems until the agent had made us sign our contract they told us if we did not sign it they would give the house to someone else so we didnt have chance to check the premises, we then spent an hour going over everything with the landlord that week he told us to throw a match into the fire and that should work, he also said he knew about the leak but didnt want to get it fixed as it cost him money and that was also the reason he had no lock on the garage door. as for epc certificate, we recieved no certi
  13. we have currently had a dispute with our ex-landlord, we moved out in June, we then waited two months for the letting agency to sort out the deposit, in which they told us they hadn't recieved anything from us, though we hand delivered the keys and letter confirming we had moved out, after the two months they told us to give our deposit to the landlord as we had moved out early (we had warned the landlord and estate agent if maintenance issues werent rectified we would leave, these problems included water in the electrics, no garage key, landlords things stored in the garage so we couldnt use
  14. i have found our deposit and it is protected by the tenancy deposit scheme. when we terminated the contract we had made several complaint, one about the gas fire never been connected to the gas and the landlord said throw a match at it, it didnt have a gas supply because someone had isolated it as it wasnt safe to use. also the landlord had his things stored in the garage and didnt give us a garage key so even though we were paying rent for it we couldnt use it we also had a sever leaking conservatory we couldnt put anything in there as it all got drenched, he was aware of this leak befo
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