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  1. Hope you get round to posting a thread soon Iain....even, if it helps just a few people, then its a step in the right direction to get more on welcome and their shady dealings!!


    Hi there B-O-2. I will post it soon, for one thing I need confirmation about what I believe are certain, shall we say, irregularities in the agreement. ;)

    My problem is that I feel that what has happened with her situation (re-written secured loan) is fairly unique and would be readily identifiable by the prying eyes.

  2. quick question, do i have to send subject access request to my local office or head office, not sure and want to make sure i do it right


    Hello Sparky, you will be better off sending your SAR to Compliance:

    Compliance Department

    Welcome Finance

    Mere Way

    Ruddington Fields Business Park



    NG11 6NZ

    1. You're more likely to get a (sensible) response from them;
    2. They will still be there even if your local branch closes.

    Don't forgot all the normal advice, postal order, print don't sign your name, send recorded.


    also does anyone have any idea which branches of welcome are closing.


    EBOY gave a list in this post, but I don't know where the list came from.


  3. Can I just ask is the 40 days from when I post the letter or from when they receive it?


    Kittie, it is 40 calendar days from when they receive it, so add 2 working days if first class, 4 working days if second class, or send Recorded Signed For.


    Good luck, I know there are mixed experiences, but they responded promptly to my partner's request (within 3 weeks), and we did discover useful things from it.

  4. Does anyone know what the Welcome "Food Chain" is? I am aware of (from the bottom up):

    • Local Branch
    • Local Management Branch (LMB)
    • Local Collections Unit (LCU)

    Or in other words how much further do we have to go before we find someone who can talk sense?


    I am also aware of the Customer Response Centre (CRC), and the Compliance Department in Nottingham. Would we be better cutting out the lower levels and going direct to them?

  5. Just thinking out loud!!!


    How can i get them to take me to court??


    I last payed them in January...not a penny since!!





    Hey BO2, not that I wish to disillusion you, but my partner last paid them on her secured loan in May 2008 (apart from a "re-write payment" in December). And they haven't even threatened court action yet! It's a long story and I will get round to posting a thread about it sometime soon.


    I'm just playing catch-up reading on this thread, but she too got the "generous" settlement offer - 80% of the outstanding balance!

  6. Hi Supasnooper,


    It was under the CCA 1974.


    The default was dated 6th May requesting payment of the arrears by 20th May and the postman delivered it today.






    BB, one reason the DN is defective (irrespective of the manner in which it was posted to you, and the length of time it has taken to arrive), is in those dates. The date they give you must be a date at least 14 days from the date of service, which is defined as the date of posting plus 2 days if they choose to use first class post.


    What I was wondering about doing is just writing, put the main points as simply and as legally correct as I can, then as a complete gesture of goodwill, offering them the arrears payable at the time of the default (that's the £59 odd - and obviously it would be my dad/partner/bloke on the street who is actually making the offer, not me!), on the proviso that the default is removed and the account marked as settled.


    I know they've got sod all that they can use, but I'm just thinking that it might be worth a punt just to get this one sorted.


    Or do you think that would just give them added vigour for being obstructive (by making them think I'm backing down)?


    So, should I veto the first one and just send a short, to the point, accept this or leave me alone one, or should I carry on with the original one, sent to the top dog, and then maybe at a later date (like when it's ignored:rolleyes:) go with a shorter one? If I did this I'd need to take out the bit about not responding to them in the long letter, otherwise I'll look like a bit of a lemon.


    Any thoughts anyone?





    Lexis, my view is that I would not offer them anything for two main reasons:

    • they are not entitled to anything (being in default of your CCA request);
    • it may give them "added vigour for being obstructive (by making them think you're backing down)".

    I think you should send your excellent letter. However send it to the department you are currently dealing with, copied to the CEO (and clearly marked as such). That should sharpen their minds.

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