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  1. If nonsense letters is all ill look forward to,can ignore no problem. I have read a few threads concerning this now on this site and feel a lot better about this now,thanks. Will post again if things start to get out of hand,but will follow the procedures here until that happens. Thanks again and keep up the good work,without coming on here i would have been £60 down.
  2. Hi all I received a ticket from central ticketing this week from one of their "private car parks" in Cumbernauld.They had signs up all over,but as it was early in the morning and i was only leaving the car for a few minutes,(and i seriously mean 2 to 3 tops) and there was NO ONE about i thought i would chance it.I returned to my car with ticket.This left me,understandably,seriously p***ed off. However,i came home,logged on here and have taken great comfort from reading some of the threads on this site,and put my mind at rest until i was listening to the real radio coming home from work when i caught half an advert saying,from what i could gather,if you receive ANY parking ticket you need to report this,but i missed who to.I beleive it was definetly to a gov body of some sort... I was just wondering if (i know,unbelievable)the law had somehow changed in these jokers favour,and or consequences,or is the advice still, ignore ignore ignore If anyone can help,i will keep you informed as to what happens in the future. thanks
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