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  1. Firstly, people MAY judge you, but it does not matter, it is how you judge yourself. You may well find that you can not go back to work as soon as you wanted. Various reason have prevented me. For example breastfed babies sometimes simply will not be weaned to bottles. Babies can require care through health related issues that need more support than a nursery or C.M are prepared to give. Mothers if they get say DVT can have issues themselves. Also there is great evidence that if lone parents return to work before they are ready, it can cause immense stress and depression to the mother, which i
  2. Just thinking aloud here... Ok...you could say 'go' in the morning-no good you'll have mayhem! Or be gone in 2 weeks-sounds fair! However, although I'd be very firm about the 2 weeks, plus even put it in writing etc...If they could not move out till say a week later or something I'd not push it too much. From what you say that would create a situation where they will be unbearable and could cause you far more stress, so you may need to be(alhough do not tell them!) a little more flexible at the end, to save your sanity
  3. Have you claimed the healthy start vouchers online? I did and they popped in the post shortly after The form apparently takes forever for them to come through. They do backadate, but the vouchers have a VERY short life span as are often sent late!(They are dated). I'm glad you got your healthy start grant though. 'Technicaly' this is for you, to make sure mothers are eating correctly. Now, I certainly can not lecture you as when I left my ex I was pregnant with my youngest. I left with £4.26 to my name and it took 8 weeks for my benefits to come through. My only source of income w
  4. inapanic I can't help with your questions regarding the tenancy issues as there are a number of ways you could handle this and I am certainly not a good person to give you advice. But I wanted to check...are you getting the healthy start vouchers that are a few pounds a week as these will help you greatly with good food. Also, my first baby everything was bought new and beautiful. With my second I got EVERYTHING(inl pram and car seat etc) from freecycle after a 'wanted' post. Alot of the items were not very nice, but they were washed and cleaned. Babies go through so much stuff so f
  5. Have issues and I was wondering if anyone can tel me whether i'm correct or making myself out for a fool Landlady emigrated to Oz, few weeks before she rented to me, I get LHA, her brother is dealing with the rental as far as general communication, but I am to pay the rent to her bank account, so he is not an 'agent'. So far they have recieved 1 months rent, in full, no deductions whatsoever. I spoke to him regarding information I had discovered regarding the NRL tax and he basicaly started throwing a complete hissy fit, as far as he is concerned, there is no discussion, I am 100% w
  6. Thank you lindyhop, I shall try contact them today I got LA ans SS involved before...chocolate teapots! Does anyone have any views in light of the case detailed at my local court? What about the lack of energy cert?
  7. Oh and LL's bro is no fool...probably protecting a deposit on her behalf as we speak as I'm sure her could pay it, wheras she is seemingly chased, so no chance!
  8. Whoah, that is long, sorry, just issues with internet, so not able to keep providing little bits of info if asked!
  9. Sometimes I weonder how things get in such a muddle! I was wondering if I typed up what my situation is to date, that someone may advise routes I could take and what probably would be the outcome? Just myself and 2 very small children, needed to move due to DV issues etc Found on the net/gumtree a 2 bed place in another town, lady was due to emigrate(first time rented as was her home) and was putting onto 2 letting agents that night, but as I called then said she would do privately and would deal with her brother. Met brother(gf present) to do exchanges etc No G'tor wa
  10. Well i'm broke so can not do that! Thanks for letting me know, just do not want arguments and place is a bit of state(normally lovely) but will be great when I leave it etc Can not believe length of my post...oops!
  11. Hi, Quick background Single mum, HB got TOTALLY mucked up, not my fault, landlady was really unreasonable and gave a notice to quit on a shortlhold for 2 months which ends 21st april No probs as have found somewhere else with help from family etc Landlady has always been awkward and picky. She often has told me how she should only rent to proffessionals as apparently an indian(why relevant?) lady put a removable child lock on a toilet seat ...shock horror, she told me this when I asked to put a child lock on the chemical cupboard in the kitchen, she actually declined as it would
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