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  1. Would this be a suitable paragraph to add regarding the incomplete SD. "Page 2 of the Statuory Demand clearly states that; "The person making this Demand must complete the whole of pages 1,2 and parts A, B and C (as applicable) on page 3." As Part A has not been completed the document should be disregarded."
  2. Also should I make the SAR request tomorrow as well? Thanks
  3. 42 Man, I have completed the set aside forms using the various links I have found, the problem is that asI am only just sending the CCA request I am not sure I have enough of a defence. Could you read over the following and let me know what you think. Many thanks Form 6.5 (1) Do not admit the debt because the existence/enforceability of the alleged debt is in dispute: The respondent alleges that the applicant is indebted to it in the sum £1982.17, being the amount outstanding under an agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (“CCA”). It is further alleged that the de
  4. Okay that didn't work, will have to try something else.....
  5. Sorry Shadow, According to the form Part A should contain the details for the Court and Part B should contain the person filing the claim (Capquest). They have completed the contact details in Part B but no court is listed in Part A. I will scan the set of paperwork and post them on the site. Many thanks
  6. 2nd attempt to fix the formatting!! Capquest Debt Recovery Limited Fleet 27 Rye Close Fleet Hampshire GU51 2QQ 09th April 2009 Dear Sir/Madam Re:− Account No: XXXXXXXX – Your Ref: XXXXXX This letter is a formal request pursuant to s.77(1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I require you to provide me with a true copy of the credit agreement relating to the above account, together with any other documentation the Act requires you to provide. I expect you to comply fully and properly with this request, within the statutory time limit. You are reminde
  7. I am going to apply to the court to have the SD set aside, in the meantime I have drafted a CCA letter to send to capquest as my defence will be to dispute the existence,enforcability of the debt. Could someone advise if the wording is suitable or if there is something I should add/delete based on this case. Also I am stuggling with the wording for the form 6.5, is there a link to some examples for having a SD set aside in these circumstances. Many thanks Capquest Debt Recovery Limited Fleet 27 Rye Close Fleet Hampshire GU51 2QQ 09th April 2009 D
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