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  1. Oh I will!!! Just on the move at the minute but at sone stage over the weekend I will post a diary of events which I hope others will find helpful. There are a couple of private messages which I will do first but when all said donkey you have been most helpful and I can't thank you enough!!!
  2. Well today I checked my file and found that it had GONE!!! Barclaycard write me a letter advising that they had told HFO to delete the eatery and it should be done soon... OK the guy on the phone said a few days but I'm so happy it has gone I can't believe it.
  3. Well... 1 reminder and 1 broken promise later I am still waiting from my promise from the "directors office". I will be given him another call tomorrow but as soon as everything is done I will post what's been going on. Not as clear cut as first promised!!!!! VERY annoyed!!!
  4. Very very very professional and decent response. Spoke sense and very to the point, there is something going to happen but I won’t post that until all is said and done.
  5. Absolutely AMAZED!!!! Sent an email to Barclaycard CEO yesterday at 16:00, this morning 9:36 I have a missed call and a voicemail from the director’s office. Time to call him back now me think... I’ll let you know
  6. OK I have dusted myself off and stopped sulking a little and have now decided to go at this in 4 different ways. 1. I am going to send a letter of complaint (again) to HFO informing them of all of my actions 2. Send a letter explaining the whole situation to Barlaycard CEO and explain that I will if needed go to court and claim damages 3. Continue to push the CRA on this 4. Send a letter to the ICO asking them to investigate I am still absolutely fuming about this and hope my new 4 pronged attack will bring me the resolution I need.
  7. I am absolutly stuck and frustrated now!!! We (my partner and I) would like to buy our first house, we have had the funds in place for over a year now but I will not be able to get a mortgage with this set of lies on my file. HFO have ignored my complaints, requests and have arsed set me an application form with NO correct terms on it. They ARE harming our lives now with no agreement in hand, where can I go and how the hell can people get away with this????? It's just wrong it stinks and I don't know what to do!!! I'm so so angry and don't know where to turn, would a solicitor be a
  8. Donkey thank you ever so much for that... I guess the complaints procedure is my next point of action. All my communication has been sent recorded delivery and I have kept absolutely everything so I am fully armed and ready for this fight. It just seems so unfair that after months and months of ignoring me they have another get out on this. The sad thing is we are ready to buy a house, have the deposit and house prices around us are looking pretty good at the minute but HFO are the ONLY thing stopping us from getting on with our lives. I feel trapped by them and I honestly do not know why
  9. I'm back off holiday and after checking my credit file instantly became angered as a perfect credit history is been hammered by the idiots that are HFO. They updated the file last week and have advised the cra that all the details are correct... I know have no more options left, I have to take them to court... I have tried everything but!! I have recieved a 2 responses to 9 letters asking for a copy of the agreement in which I have been sent an application form with NO terms in place. Has anybody any advice or link to a similar situation to me? I have looked through the forum a
  10. Guys I'm really stuck now is there any advice anyone could give me here?
  11. OK I think I am going to have to get some reading up done as it looks like we will be going to court over this. On Saturday I received a letter stating that this is the second time they have responded to my request and I should find enclosed a copy of my application from. Attached was the form that received a couple of months back but still no credit agreement or any other documents to support this "debt". I was amazed that I actually received a response but after months of ignored letters and 2 application forms I honestly have no other options left... This is where I need helps guys.
  12. Things are getting serious... HFO Ref No XXXX I do not acknowledge any debt to your company You now have only 5 working days to prevent further action Dear Sirs, I write with reference my last communication dated 11th June 2009. Although I am very disappointed by your lack of a response and action I am not entirely surprised. Your commitment through out this ordeal has been very unprofessional and true to your reputation of sub standard debt collecting agency who’s grip on reality and documentation is somewhat lacking. Through out my communication with you I hav
  13. OK after the initial response we have heard nothing so I have odopted teh default letter to suite and Mrs Rentarded will be sending this first thing in the morning... Hope it's OK! 1st July 2009 ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE A/C No – xxxxxxxxxxx Thank for your letter dated 17th June of which all the contents have been noted. I am particularly grateful that you also spent the time on forwarding 2 links however I must advise that I am not using a 3rd party to address my concerns. I also acknowledge the contents of that communication however remain unsatisfied with the details as this
  14. After obtaining and gaining some great advice from these forums I decided I would see what could be done with Mrs Retarded situation. Mrs Retarded has a credit card with Halifax, she has had this for a few years, always paid on time (as with everything else) and she has never encountered any problems with credit. A few months back she received a letter from Halifax stating that they will be putting her APR up (after some notice period) from 16.9% to 25.9%. She has a few thousand on this balance and has always paid at least double the minimum payment as the card was used mainly as a day to
  15. Using another post and editing where appropriate I have come up with this letter that I will be sending to HFO. I am in no doubt that I will end up in court over this and to be honest I am actually looking forward to it!! In the absence of strict proof of an enforceable credit agreement containing prescribed terms as required in Law, I would suggest it in your interest to remove this default immediately. To mark it as settled is unacceptable. I require it's complete removal. This alleged debt is irredeemably unenforceable and should therefore not exist. In view of the shocking lack
  16. Well it really is amazing that HFO has responded so quickly to Experians request but I am still left high and dry... Just taken back by this response. Further to our recent correspondence, I have been contacted by HFO Services Ltd (C8). They have confirmed that the details we hold are accurate and have requested that we retain the information on our database. Unfortunately I am unable to amend this information without the authorisation of the company in question. The 'Notice of Dispute' will remain on your report for 28 days. It will then be removed, unless I receive further not
  17. Just thought I would keep you guys updated and this is the response I have had from Experian... Thank you for your email, which we received on 01 June 2009. In view of your comments about HFO Services Ltd, I am writing to them for you, as I cannot amend your report without their consent. While I investigate your comments, I am adding the following statement to the information you have queried. "THE CONSUMER HAS DISPUTED THE ACCURACY OF THIS ENTRY AND WE HAVE THEREFORE ASKED THE PROVIDER TO INVESTIGATE IT. GIVEN THAT THIS DATA IS DISPUTED, PLEASE TAKE CARE IF MAKING AN ASSESSME
  18. Well done and I do hope many people get to see letters like that... Is there not a way to get them to remove your details completely from there system as they have no agreement to go on, surely they can not legally hold your information "just in case"?. My only concern is that 2 years down the line a letter could drop out of the blue when life seems to be going so well.
  19. Even though she is a big fibber you have to admire the name! She would have got some stick for that at school which I'm sure no doubt made a big impression on her career choice (unpopular kids becomes Police officers etc.)
  20. I have a paid off debt with Lowell that was settled a couple of years ago. The default was registered March 2004 so I only have a few months to wait for it to drop off but I send a letter requesting a true certified copy in the hope that the letter would be opened by a donut who able to get this removed. When I received a response advising that the default notice is to be sent to me (over 3 weeks ago now) it came from a company called "RED" who referenced all previous correspondence. When I did a little searching I found that this group is also Lowell... Why so many names for one company? Is i
  21. Isn't taking a bank to court over charges applied to an account that you were never responsible for a little hypocritical Not that I am a fan of the bank's or anything (far from it) but I often wondered what reaction the banks would get in court if they turned round and said "oh we have no credit agreement therefore the debt is not legit?" Just trying to think of the bigger picture!
  22. OH just a thought (I think I might have read it somewhere a few weeks back now)... Am I right in thinking that HFO have 28 days to respond to a request by the CRA. If they do not respond within 28 days I can force the removal from my file?
  23. I will try the CRA and maybe get a little more aggressive and threatening, they can only say no... cant they?
  24. OK well it will come as no surprise to anyone on here but HFO have not responded to my last letter despite giving them much more than the 14 days allowed in the letter. I have now decided to make this a 2 pronged attack and decided to get the CRA involved... They are the ones who process this data and seem to be getting an easy ride in this. So here is my communication, thoughts and advice please... Letter to HFO Dear Sirs, I do not acknowledge and debt with HFO, Barclaycard or any affiliated company. I write with reference to my previous communication dated ** *** 0
  25. I have kept a close eye on my credit file for some time now and 2 things are standing in my way from a perfect credit history one of them is this and the other is HFO who are seemingly making the rules up as they go along (it's on another post). I'll send them a letter asking for them to remove it as they have not supplied me with a default notice as promised a couple of weeks ago. You never know they may just say yes and remove it... I have nothing to lose!
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