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  1. Hi guys, i've had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with Rossendales bailiffs recently. Long story short, the guy has gained a walking possesion order for unpaid council tax. I'm due to move house soon, can they enter my new home (if they find out where i live) freely or will they have to obtain another order for the new address? Thanks in advance.
  2. Posted letter today, but what with it being a Bank Holiday coming up it might not reach them until Tuesday next week. Any advice on what to do if the area manager turns up before then? I get the feeling that he will...
  3. *UPDATE* - have recieved this letter today: Due to your failiure to maintain regular payments to BAVY, all your accounts have been passed to DUNRAVEN FINANCE DEBT RECOVERY. There are now two options available: 1. Pay all arrears in full. 2. Return all goods and we will clear all arrears and monies owed. Failiure to resolve this matter at this stage will result in further charges, costs and attendance by a County Court Bailiff where required. ....................................................................................... It should be noted that the let
  4. Thanks for your replies. If we were to make a payment, should we make a payment to the head office as we really do not want these underhanded men in our house? It came to a head the other day when the area manager turned up on our doorstep demanding entry to reposses the tv. He wouldnt talk to me as the agreement is in my girlfriend's name. She tried to reason with him but he was adamant he was taking the tv and wasnt interested in making any payment agreement. We didnt give him access and eventually he went away. I might be clutching at straws but the agreement has the wrong name printed on i
  5. Hi guys, last year my girlfriend and i made the mistake of ordering a tv and home cinema from Buy As You View. Everything was fine for a while until my girlfriend lost her job. In februay this year we found ourselves short of money and couldnt make any payment on the tv at all. When the collector came round we didnt answer, not sure what we were supposed to tell them...however, the guy outside started banging and kicking the front door more and more then started throwing snow- and iceballs at our upstairs window. Incensed by this my girlfriend phoned BAYV to complain and tell them she didnt wa
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