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  1. please need help to sort out Scottish power Bills Hi, I am living in private student accommodation. There are three more guys used to share with me. As per contract we all responsible to pay gas and electric bills during contact period. but this is not mention in our house contract. Now we got huge bill £830 (GAS + ELECTRIC) from Scottish power. Just before we get bill, other three guys left this country because of their personal reason. This bill is too much for me to pay alone. when I speak with Scottish power customer service and explained full scenario nothing got any help. B
  2. Hi, I got letter from buchananclarck + wells and mention that i need to pay scottishpower bill of £849.05 which i used gas and electricity during the period of 08/2007 to 05/2008. I was student at time and used to live in privet accommodation with three more student. I am not sure we paid a bill or not when we left from that property. I made call to scotish power about this they are not giving me any answer and force me to contact debt collection agency. I do not have any contact with other three students. My question is : do i need to pay full amount of bill? I am ready to pay quar
  3. Hi, Recently i got letter from Buchanan Clark + wells and which mention about my out standing debt of £244.74 and with administation charges £324.28. This debt is during august 2007 to may 2008. I got first letter from bedt agency on 2nd APril 2009 and mention that its final notish. I havnt got any call or reminder to pay electric bill from scotish power. I was student at that time, we three strudents share a house. The bills comes on three persons name. After moving to new property, I do not have contact with other two students. Now this debt collection compay forced me eto pay fu
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