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  1. i am hoping someone out there can tell me when Asset Link changed from Link Financial. I've been looking through their paperwork and noticed that supposedly original letters from 4/5 years back have the asset link headed paper and not link financial paper. Of course it will be queried with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi I sent the SAR letter. the original loan was for £4,960 which by the time they took over the debt it was down to £3,380. We have paid up to date £5,210 from the original loan. We requested a statement from them in March as we had not had any correspondence from them at all regarding balance interest rates etc. The statement balance is £51,366.86 to which they say they are entitled to claim under the terms of the original agreement. They have been charging between £500 and £700 interest per month and the March month's interest is £1,067.00. We had a panicky phone call from them a fe
  3. Re asset link, We gave them 40 days, paid the fee which they cashed and had nothing. 40 days now up, not a phone call, courtesy 'where looking into this' nothing. Not even a computer punched out reminder for the monthly payment. According to their statement of our payments which has the original loan figure at the top we have paid over and above the amount. Can we legally put an end to this? any suggestions would be appreciated thanks lmca
  4. No communication from Asset this week, wonder if they are panicking or plotting?? will keep posting
  5. Hi We have just received a phone call from Asset Link who appear to be in a blind panic and pleading with us to resolve this over the phone. Hubby has told them when we receive everything that has been asked for in our letter then we will take it from there but not over the phone. We didnt expect such a quick response. Prior to getting the template letter they didnt want to resolve anything. keep you posted lmca
  6. thanks DG I will do. I teach for a living and am used to moderating exam papers from students. I hope they realise what a good eye I've got!!! I will scan up though. Good luck with your fun. On a final note a loan shark around my area got sent down for charging less than Link:D
  7. Hi thanks for your post. Our credit rating is checked out we have no CCJ's thats why we know they are talking a load of bull. Originally the debt collector was chasing us for a different loan, one which had been paid off. To cut a long story short we got into a stand off with them because they refused to acknowledge they were chasing the wrong loanand were threatening to take it to court. It took trading standards weeks to get it into their thick skulls that they had made the mistake. It got sorted out before any application was ever made to the court so there was never a CCJ on it. Since
  8. Hi there Yes we have sent the template recorded delivery. One other ruse they are using is county court judgements against us which we know dont exist. Included in the letter we have demanded they give us the addresses/details of the courts so we can check for ourselves direct. Their discount on settlement from £51,000 is £43,000!! leaving a total of £8,000 to pay. If we get our way they wont be getting anywhere near the £8,000. Does anyone know what Asset Link were called before they changed from Link Financial? I cannot remember the name they were trading under. They have changed nam
  9. We have sent a recorded delivery demanding everything they have on us, including all agreement we are supposed to have signed, CCJ's everything. They never sent us an agreement in the first place, the amout at the time was agreed between Trading Standards, Asset and ourselves. I know they cannot come up with anywhere near the paperwork they make out they have. We will fight this to the bitter end, they are no better than loan sharks in my opinion sheltered under a supposedly good name. Thanks for replies, will keep you posted.
  10. hi thanks for your replies. My hubby phoned them when he got home and asked for the original agreement which we have supposed to have seen. The debt has been paid monthly from being set by trading standards 4 years ago. On a couple of occasions I have been a week late paying and they have charged me around £493 for a few days. They also told us that the statement wasnt what we owed but what they can make us pay if they want to? (so much for me asking for a balance) They also insisted that the judge at the court hearing (which didnt happen) had set the interest at the rates they were cha
  11. Hi I am new to the forum, I am 52 years old female teacher in the Lincolnshrie area. I have a big problem with Asset Link and hope there is someone out there who could advise. My husband took finance out in 1994 for central heating. due to unforeseen circumstances at the time although we paid we could not paid the due amount. In due course it was sent to a debt collection agency in which Asset Link took over a few years ago. Our original debt was £4,960.84 which I have on the statement from them received today. We arranged to pay back £50 per month back in 2003 which was agreed by the
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