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  1. thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!!! Letter being printed as we speak
  2. Hi all, me again. i've had an ongoing battle with RBS for over a year now. I requested copy of signed credit agreement over 12 months ago, sent the postal order etc & they keep refering to different DCA's (see other posts by me - links below) I keep sending all letters and advising i have recieved nothing from RBS but they all say RBS have proof they have sent I have now recieved a DOORSTEP COLLECTION NOTICE from Wescot Credit Services My scanner is broke so i will type word for word what the letter says Dear Mr *********** We have previously advised you that
  3. Hi All, Thanks to you guys on here i've managed to get a lot of creditors off my back by requesting copy of signed credit agreement However one company, RBS are still after over a year harrasing me I get contacted by a debt collection agency - i forward the letter i sent over a year ago requesting the CCA, i get a letter back advising that the client (RBS) has already provided this (they havn't) - i then get a solicitors letter - which i reply to as advised by you guys (see links at the bottom) Then i hear nothing for a month or so then a new debt collection agency contacts
  4. The ref on the letter from debt collector has an extra 0 in the middel apart from that, identical
  5. Yes I sent letter requesting signed agreement in may they replied (see above) 1st acknowledging dispute then to say I hold no products with them that was in September and I have had no contact with them since, until this letter today from debt collector
  6. OK, i've not had any contact from any creditors since well before christmas, so thought it was all done & dusted Lo & behold today i recieve a letter from Credit Solutions regarding a Barclays account (which i have had letter from Barclays saying I hold no products) - so once again i am asking advice as what to do next Here is 1st response from Barclays dated 3rd August 09 http://img687.imageshack.us/img687/9...rclaysedit.jpg Here is 2nd letter from Barclays stating i hold NO products with them http://img687.imageshack.us/img687/1...lays02edit.jpg And he
  7. sorry - meant to post here :- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/232027-please-help-they-threatening-2.html
  8. Just a quick update recieved a letter yesterday from frederickson confirming account is in dispute & on hold while investigated (a little late ithink considering all this started in June??) but at least some progress & not had a call or text for a week big thank you to all who have offered advice I'll upload the letter later
  9. recieved this from frederickson today http://img4.imageshack.us/img4/2043/frededit.jpg ignore??? ps telephone harrassment letter has been sent
  10. Well since sending the reply to Carter I have been bomarded with calls and texts to both landline & mobile asking me to contact FREDERICKSON to be expected?
  11. Thank you - posted by recorded delivery today so i shall await the response & will post back here Here is the letter from Carter (re-edited to remove all personal details) http://img691.imageshack.us/img691/9251/solicitoredit.jpg
  12. Thank you so much - this is very re-assuring as yet I have not responded to the solicitor letter should I? If so with what? Correspondance I have already sen to frederickson?
  13. Ok this is the letter sent from solicitors on behalf of Frederickson Link removed, contained personal details So would you recommend ignoring this? Sending copies of all letters sent previously or sending another type of letter? Also, should i upload a copy of the other letters i previously sent to moorcroft & frederickson?
  14. thank you for the quick reply - i've never been in this situation before, never even been to court before Yes i will upload the solicitor letter this eve & will blank out any account details - i will also upload the letters from moorcroft & frederickson (the dca's) thanks again
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