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  1. I have just discovered this problem myself. I buy inks for my printer from Curry's, It is the printer I use for my business. I started buying from Currys about a year and a half back and I normally just toss the receipts into a box and process at the end of the year. So now I have about 20 to 30 receipts that are just bits of paper. Luckily I normally pay with a card so I can tract the expense, but some were cash payments and my only proof of expenditure, My Accountant won't be happy. The odd thing is that every time I buy any ink I also get a voucher for 10% of the next purchase
  2. Hi guys, Just found this thread, it's a bit dissapointing for me as I have (as I thought) a biggish claim( or two) going in against these guys. I do however have a question about it that might save the day for me. My account(s) have been passed off to Cabot. They tell me that they now own the debt, are they likely to defend against this in the same way that Citi would? Any Ideas Thanks Jim
  3. Thanks Alan, Thats what I wanted to hear. Jim
  4. Hi all, I can't see an answer to this anywhere else, so i'll start a new thread. I am in the process of sending out my DPA letters to the various Credit Card companies and banks etc, but a £10 a go it works out as a fair old bit. Anyway I was wondering if when I send it to Nationwide I can request the details from all 3 of my accounts within the one letter and for just £10, or do I need to send 3 different letters and 3 £10 cheques. Obvious which one I would prefer but I don't want them to have an excuse to delay on a technicality. Thanks all Jim
  5. OK, pretty confused now, I also read the link posted by BankFodder which seemed to have good points for both sides of the discussion. At the end of the day whether you tell them or not is probably irrelevant, it's the use you put the recording too, and to be honest I can think of only 2 or 3 applications. To use as a reminder of the conversation To use as a point to discuss with friends/legal advisors To use as evidence in court To play back to the bank staff at a later date With point 1 it dosn't matter at all, point 2 it may matter in the strictest legal terms but will only
  6. Thanks guys, that pretty much supports what I thought. Jim
  7. Hi All, I'm about to send off a few preliminary request for payment letters, but before I do this should I ask them for information about 'manual intervention'. I have all the statements for these cards so don't need to ask for the list of charges. I was just going to ignore the manual intervention thing but I saw it getting stressed in a few other threads and now i'm not so sure. Thanks Guys Jim
  8. Hi all, I've read quite a bit of advice about recording telephone conversations with the financial institutions, and I agree that we should do this. I do have a question that I haven't found answered elsewhere, basically what are the legal implications of recording your call? As I understand it, and I may be wrong, we can only record our own side of the conversation unless we tell all the parties to the call that we are recording the call, if we don't the tape may be inadmissable in court and possible a criminal action. Which brings another thing to mind, what does the warning
  9. Hi, Would it be fair to guess that you are in N. Ireland (like me)? If so I believe the max you can claim for in one go is up to 2,000 in the small claims, which would cover the 1791 that you currently know about. You could run that one through and then come back again for the remaining amount , by this time they will know that you mean business and will be more willing to deal with you, or am I just being hopefull. The above may be just nonsense, if it is let me know:) Bye for now Jim
  10. Woolfie, Sorry I checked the FAQ's when I wasn't logged in, thought they were a bit empty, doh, I'll log in and read them properly. Thanks Mjanet Posted here cause the questions refer to accounts I have with various institutions, obviously didn't express it very well when I used Nationwide as an example. Thanks Blueskies for the answer. I'll go off and read the FAQ's now Bye for now
  11. Hi, Sorry to but in here but how would I go about recording the calls, what sort of kit would I need. Thanks Jim
  12. Hi all, I also meant to ask about multiple accounts with the Nationwide, at one time I had 3 accounts with them, all of them had charges applied at one time or another. Should I handle them all as one claim or different claims? My final question, some of my accounts, both bank and credit card have been closed, can I still make claims against them? Thanks in advance Jim
  13. Hi all, My first post here so sorry if it is in the wrong place or anything. I'm based in Belfast and I believe that the limit for the small claims court is £2000. By a quick count I recon that the Nationwide probably owe me about £5000, so what should I do, only claim £2000, claim £2000 2.5 times, Forget the small claims court and go for the next step up. Any advice would be appreciated. Jim
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