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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. tiggycat 23 - Sorry, that should read 'I sent the email that appears in my post from19 July.'
  3. (Can't work out how to put 'quotes'!) Hi foxyred - I used the on-line interest calculator to work out my interest. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/chargeinterest.php Hi adam1v - It was all settled out of court. Hi tiggycat23 - I stopped sending letters and didn't make any phone calls it was all sorted via email in the end - quite painless in fact! Once I received my court date I sent the letter that appears in my post from 29 July. Then with 2 weeks to go before the date I emailed again advising that I needed to book time off work and that the loss of wages would be a
  4. I sent him an email yesterday afternoon and received a reply this morning. My reason for contacting him was for the same as barry1. I had been informed by Nick Hartigan that Keith Jeremiah was on holiday, it was he who then took over my enquiries. However, after not needing to contact Mr Hartigan for a while I attempted to yesterday - I received a non-reply email saying he was no longer with Barclays. I then emailed Keith Jeremiah again and my dispute is now resolved.
  5. I've feeling very happy. Thank you for asking.
  6. Case closed! But I'm not allowed to say in whose favour.....!
  7. Barclays must really value the £200 I am attempting to reclaim. After receiving a date for my hearing (17 August) I contacted Nick Hartigan (who appears to have taken over my case from Keith Jeremiah), to see if they were willing to settle out of court. The reply I received was: 'In summary, in the interests of expediency, the bank is prepared to consider a settlement. However, I shall have to seek authority to settle the claim at 100%. If you were prepared to accept a lower amount of 75% (plus your statement reprint and court costs) then that would speed matters up significant
  8. I've just re-read the questionnaire and section G Other Information states: 'In the space below, set out any other information you consider will help the judge to manage or clarify the claim, including any other information you consider should be supplied by the other party' In the notes relating to this section it adds: 'Give details of any other information that you consider will help the judge to manage the claim, referring as necessary to any documents you have attached. Bear in mind however that at this stage you need not attach all other documents which you wish the court to consi
  9. Thanks guys, your help, advice and support is much appreciated. Of course there will be a donation in due course (from recovered funds or otherwise). Roll on the next stage......!
  10. I have now received a questionnaire from the Court. I'm not sure whether to put yes or no to question E: "Experts - Do you want permission to use an expert's report at the hearing?" Well if it does get to Court I will be referring to past legal cases and financial expert recommendations. So is that a yes? The other question I'm unsure whether to include at this stage is G 'Other Information': "Give details of any other information that you consider will help the judge to manage the claim, referring as necessary to any documents you have attached." Is it worth attaching any docum
  11. My claim will be lying somewhere in Keith's claim filled office - add me to his list.
  12. Yes. I received from the Court a copy of the Acknowledgement of Service which a representative from Barclays' Litigation and Disputes Department had completed. The box: ' I intend to defend all of this claim' had been ticked. Reading some of the other posts, it looks like it's a waiting game for a while now?
  13. I am seeking to claim back from Barclays £200 in referral fee charges. I followed the procedures of intended action letters, etc. before filing a claim on the Money Claim site on 19 April. I then received from Money Claim Online an acknowledgement notice regarding the claim saying it had been filed on 27 April and that Barclays would have 28 days in which to file a defence. Barclays responded by offering £100 repayment, I replied stating: ' Thank you for your letter of 27 April. I will only accept the full amount of £200 plus the £30 costs incurred.' Their reply ar
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