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  1. The bank debt wiped out with bankruptcy was for a £416.08 with newest collection centre. On the sheet (bankruptcy petition) it asks” Are you involved in any legal proceedings if yes pleas give brief details” and quite clearly printed below I have given details of the court case details. What would be the outcome if I didn’t submit this info and what is the resulting impact with what I have stated?
  2. The receiver was made aware of the court action with the bank. She specifically told me it wouldn’t effect the case as it was only the overdraft component of £500 to be written off.
  3. Many thanks So it’s not possible to apply for the stay to be lifted under the grounds of hardship? I take it that from the answer given I can only send a letter to the bank as instructed. What kind of response from the bank should I expect? And what should the subsequent steps be? Also these charges were taken directly out of child benefit payments. Is there a specific template letter I should use? Thank you!
  4. The account in question was subject to bankruptcy but only the overdraft (£500) that the judge insisted upon to keep the status quo. The £4,000 was nothing to do with that as the overdraft accumulated after the stay.
  5. I am really sorry to ask a question I know will have already been asked, but I am really confused at the moment as my case was stayed in 2007. I haven’t thought about it for so long I am a bit rusty! I followed moneysavingexperts guide to get charges back and 2 weeks before my court hearing the radio announced banks could apply for a stay! The amount is for a little under £4,000 over the 6 years previous to court action. I applied for stay to be lifted under hardship as I am a single mother and on benefits, I was behind on my rent, council tax and all areas of my finances b
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