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  1. yeah it was sent that i would either be getting a wage arresment - a bank arrestment or a sale of auction - i spoke to a woman at the debt advice place and she said they would do the sale of auction - apparently they dont have balliffs in scotland and it would cost too much to do it - so it would probably be the bank arrestment - its the sheriff officers in glasgow charles anderson thats doing it - and they are already arresting my wages - she advised me to get my wages paid into a post office account (which i dont have) and that its only certai bank that get this notice and i wont know what d
  2. another question - apparently now the likely scenario is that my bank will be arrested - i know that they arrest it through some sort of circular sent to certain banks, but not all banks receive it could you tell me which ones do or dont kinda - concerned that my only pay before xmas is gonna be taken now!!!!!!!!!
  3. thankyou so much - the aib already know how much charles anderson were wanting from me - i have told them - but this is a council tax matter which is completly different these arrears arose after i went bankrupt - i feel so much lighter now lol thankyou i really want to sort the debt out and felt i was not gonna be able to - now i can boh-girl
  4. thanks for that - so they wont appear at my door wanting to take my stuff away will they? Sorry to be a pest but i am really worried about this boh-girl
  5. tahnks for that i appreciate it - sitting waiting at my pc for some help - desperate times an all that - thanks again boh_girl
  6. Thanks For That But Kinda Need A Wee Bit More Advice Than That - Its Coming Up To Christmas And I Need This Sorted Before I Get Paid And Have No Money To Give My Sons A Good Christmas - I Need Genuine Help Please !!!!!!!! Boh_girl
  7. hi there please please help, i recently started paying £213 a month to these people due to a council tax arrears account - i forgot to take in my pay slip and now they are arresting my wages at £157 a month on top of the £213 - the second amount is due to another years account of the council tax - i cannot afford this especially at this time of the year - my question is - what would happen if i stopped paying the original £213 - can they arrest my wages twice in the same month? Would they come to my door to take my stuff - i have two kids and christmas is coming up i am also trying to pay of
  8. Hi this is BOH_GIRL I have just had a letter through stating that they will not send anyone to my door and that I will not receive any more calls - they are not prepared to accept my £5 a week payment and have said that my items are not essential and therefore they will take them back - (a tv and a washing machine) what is the best plan of action for me now? Boh_girl
  9. hi there thanks for that, i have posted another email to them with both these items involved although I stay in Scotland will this effect any of these? Thanks again for you quick response i appreciate it xxxx
  10. Hi there, I am a single parent with two boys and have been a customer of Brighthouse for approximately 13 years, last year (unsure of precise dates) I purchased an LCD TV and a washing machine - however recently my partner and I split up and I can no longer afford to pay th £45 a week (Just under £200 per month!!!!!!) I know through experience that asking them in store for help only results in very abrupt answers and also them suggesting that you borrow money from somewhere to pay!!!! I have decided that I shall email the head office instead and offer £5 a week. I have also mentioned that I
  11. Hi I have been a brighthouse customer for over ten years and was sure that you did'nt need to take the OSC out on an article, but when i recently took out my new tv firstly i was told that if i brought in my house insurance documents that i didn't need to take the OSC . Upon producing my documents i was then told that i couldnt take th tv without them, which incidently has doubled my weekly payments to them. Can someone please advise. Thanks Boh_girl
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