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  1. Just another thought that your security settings in thr browwser may be set too high- try under Tools/advance/options and reset the level to normal. BB
  2. Might it be that your firewall is blocking the video stream? Just a thought BB
  3. It may be you don't have the right codec! Vista does'nt have many codecs in it! Try Looking on line for K-Lite codec pack. This even comes with media player classic that plays anything! Good viewing
  4. Hi Probably someone who lived there over 6 years ago!
  5. Hi I thought thr Repulic of Ireland was outside UK juristricition, unless we have just colonised it?
  6. Hi Flick I doubt anyone will attend your property.If they do ask them too clean out the gutters or do something usefull like polish the door step. Only the Postman has a right to visit your property unanounced (under royal charter) Even if you rent a place the Landlord should give 24 hour notice that they are calling. Tell them to Foxtrot Oscar. I did to one -they were not amused.
  7. Hi all, I wonder if any of the more knowlegable people here can help? I checked my credit file as you do, and a new entry called Linked Address has shown up. This is for a place I lived at four years ago - so I wondered how long they stay on your report for? I am not on the electrol role there - though its the same town, There are also a couple of defaults regisiered there too- My guess is that whoever lives there is getting my mail! Could it be a ploy to get a CCJ by default?
  8. Hi I have never heard of this brand but I bet its chinese junk! They have the wrong type of water in China( compared to ours!) Sounds to me like you have a good case for a claim .Goods Not fot for purpose. Try your local trading standards for help. They love Comet! I expect you could claim under the Sale of goods act.
  9. Hi Re repair Depends where where you got it from! The likes of Comet charge about £30 for an engineers? report! Have you a local computer shop where they do repairs? We have two very good ones where I live. Might be cheaper than going back to where you got the laptop from.
  10. Hi Subbing = to subscribe to a thread! Follow it with interest! BTW I thought one or two of these so called colleges have gone bust just lately. Could yours be one of them? BB
  11. Hi me again! I just reread your post. If your medicaly unfit, then if the idiots took you to court, I feel the Judge would not be impressed. I should get a letter from your GP stating that you are in a medical condition and are classed as vunerable, especially if you get any form of benefits. It may be advisable to get a Subject action request in. This costs £10, but they have to supply everything they hold on you ( including back office stuff) Please stop speaking on the phone to them unless you can record the calls. Calls are acceptable in these sort of cases though they must be transcribed into hard copy. Good luck. Note I am not a leagal eagle just someone who has been through a similar situation.
  12. Hi If its a Buy to Let mortgage then it will only be in Charlies name. Same as any other mortgage. They don't have much say in the matter. What I would do is get them to see the local council housing dept- quickly, or Shelter, CAB and any others who may help. Unfortunatly with this type of teenacy there is not much they can do. Good luck.
  13. Hi I'd do the usual-send off for your agreement under CCA 1974. Costs £1.00 PO send recorded . you then have 12+2 working days to see what they come back with(if anything). Then if not you can place account in dispute. There are letters you can use in the templates section for this purpose. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi I think there is something called the mail preference scheme (or used to be) where you can ask to opt in/out of certain mailshots. I should trot along to your local PO - they should be able to help. If not redirect all the junk mail to Richard Branson c/o Virgin!
  15. Hi Sounds like he needs a good talking to! Do you know any locall villans who might oblige? People like that make me sick - I bet he's on benefits too.
  16. I suppose this will open a can of worms! ON a shopping channel today they had a laptop demoing skyplayer etc. Now does anyone know if you actually need a license to watch tv this way. The TV license says to receive any broadcast signal but broadband is not a broadcast signal is it? I suspect that you do but what is the legal view about this form of viewing - any ideas?
  17. Hi Are you with a council property or private landlord? Can you claim any housing benfit/Council Tax benfits? Are you classed as Vunerable? ie have a medical condition? Lone parent Pregnant etc? Best advice as above is to seek help from the likes of CAB or DIAL (if disabled?) I should try and get to see the council in person - most have a walk in session in the housing/benfits dept. Write to your MP mine helped when I got in a mess got a refund! Hope you do too! Good luck.
  18. Hi Sounds very similar to what happened to me five years ago. I know the feeling They always undersell your property -its part of the repo [problem] perpetrated by these parasites. Just a thought- as NR is supposed to be owned by us, could you not contact your MP? I think they might like to know what is going on in their name. If your now on benefits you could be classed as vulnerable. Have you tried for benefits? Contact your MP CAB and any other agency such as British Legion if ex military. The worst that could happen is bankruptcy. Might be a blessing in disguise. Its not as horrible as many people fear. Good luck.
  19. Hi vicky180 Sad to say but Your friend has got a lot of trouble brought on by the classic case of burying his head! I know its not nice but it does happen .(did to me!) He may have done this because he couldn't cope. I would see a housing advisor. If he has problems which could class him as vulnerable. Trouble is the council will probably say he has made himself homeless. The new rules whereby benefits are paid to the tenant rather than the owner, have caused problems for people who can't handle finances.They think they have hit the jackpot and go and spend it before paying the rent. Not saying this happened in your case. Has he seen CAB or DIAL? If disabled DIAL is better bet. Is he an ex service person? Then British Legion or SSAF may help. Try looking for a homeless charity in your town - if you do some digging they are around. The likes of St.Mathew's Housing for example. They are usually located in unmarked buildings ( for obvious reasons) and clients are referred to them from the above sources. Got me out of my mess! Hope this helps.
  20. HI What I don't get is that Arrow placed the DN at my old address. Whereas the DCA who wrote last year got me at me "new" address. I have a nice new default from them so I presume they are trying to get a CCJ by default -Muppets!
  21. Oh last payment must have been around 1997 think it was cash advance for a car loan or something like that. Can't be sure as my brain is not engaged at the moment!
  22. Hi No havn't told them anything yet as they never have contacted me direct. Only by a third party DCA who are now closed down! I have more things to worry about than this at the mo. Don't we all!Thanks for input will keep my head down until something rears it ugly head!
  23. Hi Trouble is I have no records re this account, having been repoed in 05 lost everything. Now I did put the a/c in dispute last year, but at least I have the paper work for that! Does it matter that the DCA who chased have been closed down?
  24. Hi all, Just checked my CF,and those nice people at Arrow have placed a new DN on my file. Thing is it is for an account placed in dispute last year, and returned back to Arrow. Had no notification this was going on as its linked to an old address that I haven't lived at for four years. The supposed debt is an old Paragon one from around 1995/6. Amount due now three times the original loan! Must be SB anyway. Had no letters contact or phone calls from anyone other this. I don't really care about my Credit rating its shot to pieces anyway. They would get nothing I have nothing! Vulnerable person etc. Any thoughts anyone Thanks in advance.
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