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  1. Ive had the whole collection of lowell letters: Lowell Financial group Hamptons Legal RED collections its like collecting top trump cards!
  2. dont get me wrong, i will not pay them a penny for this debt and i know it is SB. I am not worried about this debt at all! as far as i am concerned, it has vanished into thin air. I am more worried about the other debts (afterall Lowell have failed to get £5K from me), i dont want them to work in overdrive regarding other debts as a means of revenge for not getting the 5K out of this one. I am still in the ignoring stage, i will start the CCA, SAR all that when i feel that they will actually send it to court! I will pm you the details you asked for as soon as i can dig it out of the
  3. these people just dont go away: By my calculations (credit file etc), the debt was SB in april as default was in april 2003. By Lowells own admission ( in a letter from them) the last "attempted" payment was in August 2003. a few days ago, i receive a letter from RED (Lowells in disguise!) that i still owe them the money. with their own admission and date a few days, it should be SB!!!! I will send SB letter again but can i charge them for the pleasure of doing so. This would be a second SB letter i have sent to them. advice please?
  4. No particular problem yet but im trying to build up my own understanding of procedures just in case i get "we are thinking of taking legal action" letters form DCAs. Im trying to also educate as many people as possible at work, socially, family etc because nearly every one i know has some sorts of debts however minor.
  5. While the letters fro the court are arriving back and forth. Does the 6 year rule get suspended or is the clock still ticking? Say if your into 3.5 years into the 6 year rule and court proceedings begin. Does the the rest get suspended. I mean if the court proceedings took another 3 years to complete. are you safe because if would now be 6.5 years.
  6. Im just thinking hypothetically and started this thread as more for Information Purposes. Im thinking CCJs. What actually happens when DCAs actually start legal procedures? When they apply to a court, does the court notice arrive at your home? Do you get a chance a state your side of the story to the court? What timeframe is there? etc etc thanks
  7. Hi guys, another update from Lowells. They have sent me a letter stating that its my final chance to pay before they pass it onto their litigation experts "Hampton Legal". They have still not bothered to prove that i have made a payment to validate the six year rule. In their eyes the six year rule ends some time next month so i need help on how can i bury them in paperwork for the the next month? Shall i send in a CCA, does that mean i "Acknowlege" the debt. Shall i send in a SAR, doe that mean i "Acknowlege" the debt. or shall i send them a letter asking fo
  8. sorry to the OP for hijacking this thread but our circumstances are very similar: Ref: ATTEMPTED PAYMENTS Since i sent the SB letter, they replied with the Attempted payment therefore it is not SB. After that i have ignored them and will continue to do so (unless you guys recommend to do something?)
  9. yeah i got my own thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/198427-am-i-clear-lowell.html but im not wasting my time as i am confident that it is SB. As someone stated, they have to prove that you paid not the other way round.
  10. Similar story with lowells, they claim i made an attempted payment and therefore the debt is not SB. they have sent me a letter stating they will pass it on to their legal team within 7 days to being CCJ proceedings. small problem thought, its been erased from my credit file as its over six years. if they do take CCJ action, can i fight back by showing my credit file and the fact that it no longer exists as the defaiult date is beyong six years?
  11. Hate to be a pain but i require more advice, i received a phone call from Lowells this morning, i told them i will only deal with them through letters and they stated that they want to get to sort things out. They stated they will phone back tomorrow morning. Now how can i tell them to eff off in a nice legal way? I can keep on ignoring the phone calls but if my mum or dad pick up then they will start to panic!
  12. just double checked my credit report and nada, its not on there! Which letter shall i send them next?
  13. Hi guys, ive got a slight developement on this case. I sent Lowell the statute barred letter and they replied stating that it does not apply as my last attempted payment was on the 17th August 2003 for £50.00. but this debt has dissappeared from my credit file which had a default date of 28th April 2003. I clearly stated on the statute barred letter in block capitals: "This letter does not acknowledge this debt" what shall i do now? how can i ask for proof? and can they use the statute barred letter against me regarding the statute limitation act? Thanks in a
  14. Thanks for your replies, i feel slightly more at ease. This is the first time i have actually got to the statute barred stage.
  15. Hi Ive had a few problems but I think I am now in the clear with Lowell Group and this account: I owe a big bank nearly £6000 and this was from 2001-2002, the last default date on my credit report was for April 2003. I have checked my report in the last few days and the debt has duly disappeared. I have never ever sent the bank or Lowell group any letters acknowledging the debt. I have always received letters stating that I have to contact them, if not they would proceed with legal action. I have no CCJ on my credit report either. On the 26th April, I received a let
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