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  1. Yes that is a good approach as they can see you are comitted to sorting out your finances. Do you have a basic idea how much your charges are? will they more than cover your £1800 OD and priority arrears ?
  2. Was the account you are claiming on a part of the bankruptcy ?
  3. Okay, concentrate on the hardship claim on this thread in that case. Have you completed the income expenditure form? I assume you did one for your £1 offer payments so you can use that for this too.
  4. Have you been in touch with Abbey directly about your hardship circumstances ? If not, do so, write direct to them with all your personal circumstances, tell them theres a court date pending. Also if you can outline your circumstances it will be better to be able to tell how likely you are to be deemed as in hardship. Abbey tend to pay 65% on hardship cases as an interim sum. Re the court date, its the hearing of the application to lift the stay ?
  5. £5.35 a month might suggest that you could be in financial difficulty and could be eligible to apply for hardship to reclaim charges and have these charges on your account halted. Can you give a brief overview of the rest of your circumstances.(arrears/debts/income etc) Yes get the SAR off, but if you would be eligible for hardship we can get that moving while waiting for the return of the SAR info, and try kybosh them sending you to a DCA.
  6. I think all these appeals and 'phases' are to get the matter decided, legally, for once and for all. The Judges are not 'pro' bank at all, they are 'pro' law. To come out half cock will be no good to anyone. 15th April the banks have to have their petition to appeal in, then I think 6 weeks for all the paperwork, so its definately going to be end of MAY before any dates can be set. The HoL thus far have dealt with it quickly, they have their breaks tho which will slow the next bit up, and we know the banks won't rush.
  7. There we are, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/formal-solutions-bankruptcy-administration/192830-aa99-bankruptcy.html should have read that first, gives a much better picture. Def a decent case for hardship. The money isnt going to go far, but if you can get it now, before going for the BR, it will pay up your rent arrears at least and might cover the BR fees. As you are on benefits and unlikely to go back into work, and in rented accom, then I do think you are thinking on the right lines, but you are right to take your time in thinking about it, and absolutely spot on i
  8. Okay so you have £4500 of charges plus interest on them plus compensatory 8% to claim ? Do you feel you fit in the hardship criteria ? I assume so as you are considering bankruptcy. Will have a read of your thread up there try and get a better picture. What debts/arrears do you have as well as the nationwide goldcard? Mortgage/Rent/Utilities/Council Tax ? Is the £800 shortfall you spoke of utilities arrears ? If you do, then don;t worry too much about your charges spreadsheet for the moment, concentrate on getting the hardship claim in and recognised by Nationwide. They arent
  9. Howard has his judgment for the appeal due on monday, defferred from on Thursday. Again it is HSBC who are seriously one of the worst. (HEARING OF APPEAL CC/2008/PTA/0835 Rutherford v HSBC Bank Plc ) Tom Brennan is assisting him. Well done Campari for making your story public. It has bought it back into the spotlight and you are only to be commended for that. Are you still talking to HSBC regarding their offer ? Caro - which forum would you suggest, I think some of the information from this thread could be taken and used elsewhere.
  10. Oi Yourbank, you bought MSE up. Thanks for the compliment though Oh, and the point of posting on here, having seen the ITN report and having read a number of threads I thought a wee kick up the whatsits may help get some peoples hardship claims moving.
  11. HBOS often give a first offer of around the £200 mark - it won't be in full and final (as yourbank says if it is then its a breach of the waiver terms), if your situation is severe and you have evidenced this to them then a couple badgering calls will often get it raised enough to help some. (don't reject it just ask them to increase it if that wont help) If that sum is enough to help you out of the immediate difficulties you are facing (so far as you could expect from £600 odd charges) then by all means accept as an interim payment, the rest will continue gathering the interest till afte
  12. MSE have had a LOT of success claiming hardship. I think someone earlier in this thread linked to their successes thread.
  13. I found this guide else where and wonder if it would help to have a similar guide on here.
  14. Hi AA Just read your post on another thread. How are you getting along thus far with this hardship claim against Nationwide?
  15. That is very true yourbank. The info does seem to be there, just needs some advertising.
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