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  1. well done mike if only millions of us would do the same ... think of the horror and despair that would cause our masters....the masses not paying their debts!
  2. I'd get in touch with the citizen's advice bureau and go on the debt arrangement scheme if you can, under that creditors can take you to court... but they cannot enforce any court order! so a court order is absolutely useless for them. I'd be careful of going bankrupt if you have any equity in your flat. keep on at the CAB good luck
  3. Well no after all we cant survive without bank accounts after all every benefit is paid into them nad who gets paid cash these days? another reason why we (and other consumer groups) should own shares in banks.... and if it takes billions.... and years.... perhaps centuries... the purpose is... defeating capitalism from the inside. without the internet i wouldn't have thought this would be the least bit possible.
  4. the only way we can win eventually is by fighting them from the inside...i feel.
  5. I have just watched Michael Portillo (when he was kicked out in 97 i was overjoyed) but he had a fair few decent points to make in his doc last night..... now i am thinking why don't we instead of fighting the banks via the law , through which eventually we will all lose(i've had a few glasses of wine) the courts and politicians and the banks (will all eventually gather together) to defeat us as seen by the manchester test case(mcguff) etc even though they leave our foot slightly in the door, why don't we fight them from the inside i.e buy shares in their banks each month. I'm in employment an
  6. yep i do tend to go into a bit of a rant after having a drink.... but understandably so... it rules my every wakening moment
  7. good idea.... first plus have "lost my complaint" and sent a heavy from power2contact to my door telling me to call them.... he was politely told that all communication was to be in writing. has anyone noticed how poor the grammar is in their letters? oops I should use cap shift myself lol:rolleyes:
  8. yeah definatelty unsure of signature , but as everybody knows everyone's signature changes slightly overtime but another thing on application it says i was married but was not married until 7 moths after date of so callled application..... now am not going to deny that i had account with halifax but after the hassle i had and my mrs had with them and other DCA's threatening us with throwing us into the street and taking my step son's right shoe and pocket money this is the reason why we have decide to fight them... if we lose at least we'll have gone down fighting, like many other's on this si
  9. I do not .. halifax have not sold the debt on yet IQOR is only the fourth DCA i have dealt with... Moorcroft IQOR wescot then IQOR again.....somehow????
  10. Hi ida, many thanks, default notices definately dodgy ... remedy date exactly 2 weeks from date of letter not allowing time for service, but my point about CCA agreements is, and the reason why i cant scan them is the issue around my signature... It just seems wrong to me... I don't know the method halifax use to scan docs, but my signature uses a lot of loops but there appears to be no black dots or very few in these loops compared with the rest of the print in the CCA. It just looks wrong to me... do they actually have to provide the original in a court case or would this "scanned version"
  11. have read again what you just said.... fully agree with you now...they may think i am... BUT AM NOT!
  12. Oh well what I'm trying to ask for is some advice as to what the best way to proceed is, I'm thinking of asking Halifax if i can view the original as I'm of the opinion that the copy they have sent to me has been doctored due to the fact that per say per square inch there is 100 little dots covering the rest of the document but suddenly if you look at the signature part of the doc there is very few dots and even in the loops of both the bank employee and my alleged signature there are no dots, when they put docs on microfiche do they actually keep the original and do they have to put the "orig
  13. Now the situation with my halifax CC account is with A sar IS THAT I HAVE RECEIEVED LOADS Of pages from screens with several DCA's but the most interesting one is that a DCA received my CCA after the account is closed (with them)and it is of a different date from the one the bank (halifax) has sent to me ( the one halifax has sent me is also in my opinion in that it is covered in dots except for the area around and in betweeen my sig and apparently the girl from the bank) obv i cannot post it on here.......
  14. hava all the letters of assignment from 1st credit and MBNA so yes , am inclined to agree if they have a case... take me to my local S.C. but does anyone agree that my first line of defense should be....that if you buy a debt all rights and responsibilities transfer to you? leo x. Have always found on here that the best form of attack is defence any further clarification please ask
  15. was going to do this in two parts but wont as it may get complicated. In jan 2003 Mrs leo took out credit card with MBNA, when we got into financial diff debt had been sold off to 1st credit around end of 2008. Am not going to be too specific in case of spies, trolls etc. have sent off CCA request which matches up to the ones on the MBNA enforceable acounts mentioned on the site. BUT when i sent off an SAR request for information all 1st credit would send is statements from around march 2007, no default information as apparently that is held by MBNA, now from what i can remember is that we pai
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