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  1. aparently they bought the debt from amex in nov 2006 and i have been paying it monthly ever since untill i queried the added intrest due to a 6hour late payment,
  2. many thanks for that, i have been trying to get in touch with amex about the cost as i think it varies with different companeys. thats great, would there be any benefit in sending a sar to capquest or would i be wasting my money, as they havent yet replied to my cca request
  3. thanks lilly i will pay them, the outstanding balance, and then as far as im concerned the debt is cleared and settled, i will keep hounding them by what means i can to get them to send confirmation by letter that the account is satisfied, ive not finished yet, i very much doubt they will even send me the cca request details, i supose if i can get them to confirm debt satisfaction, then they no longer have to send me the cca details , but i may be wrong im no legal eagle but i intend to keep trying to get all the details i can from capquest and amex, hopefully i may be able to get so
  4. capquest have actualy given me their bank details to pay the outstanding balance £91.19 to clear the account, just got too think hard now and decide if i am going to pay it and hope they send me confirmation that the debt is now satisfied, or not pay it and see if they acualy send me the data from the cca request, i phoned up amex yesterday to find out the price for a sar request from them, but they wouldent even entertain me, just kept saying as i was not an account holder with them anymore, i would have to write to the amex head office for any details
  5. hi all just recieved a letter from capquest, this is what they say dear mr xxxxxx i write in responce to your letter dated the 6th aprill 2009, and i can confirm i have completed my investigation into your complaint. capquest investments ltd purchased the above referenced account on the 28th of november 2006 from american ecpress ltd with an outstanding ballance of £3880.30. capquest were not made aware of any dispute or issue with your account on asignment and were acting in good faith based on the information provided by american express ltd. you contacted cap
  6. thanks for the advise, im on with sending amex a sar at the moment, i do still feel capquest are taking the preverbial if they feel so strongly about the legality of charging me all the interest, why have they now dropped my ballance from £896 to £91 or is this their idea of a sweetner so i dont take the matter further as i stated right at the start i have never disputed the debt, i owed the moniey and i was quite happy to pay it off at a rate i could afford, in hind sight i just wish amex would have come to some agreement of paying them back, rather than to compleatly ignore all my
  7. hi all sorry ive not been on for a while, but i have been dealing with other family matters while i have been waiting for a replie from capquest, still no replie to the cca request but their time is not quite up yet, i have had several phone calls from them, but with no message left on the answer machine, i did get a letter from them this morning, thanking me for contacting them stating that the account was now on hold while they do an internal investigation into my complaint about the added interest. i know i shouldent contact them by phone, but i was sick and fed up of them
  8. hi, just had a conversation with a relative who also banks with abbey, just told him whats been going on, he also sugested that i contact capquest and get their bank details (which they may not let me have) and set up a standing order from my bank, apparently abbey do still operate standing orders but they would prefere that people use direct debit, they dont like standing orders so i will try and go down that route, would it be advisable to inform capquest while im on the phone, that i have sent them a cca request as my wife told them the other day thay we had no intention of pa
  9. hi many thanks for that, unfortunatly ive had this discussion with my bank many times, my bank, the abbey state the no longer allow payments via standing order, direct debit or debit card or cheque or instant transfere into someones account, in fact im going to look on the abbey web site right now. i think i will pay by cheque to be on the safe side,my netx payment is due before the 28th of april, i was thinking of paying this early before they try to say i have defaulted another payment. as i think capquest will realy start to get dirty if they think im fighting back cheer
  10. many thanks too you all, i should have gone throught these procedure's in the begining, but ive always been niave about debt colectors etc, as far as i was aware they had all the powers to do what they want and by what means, i would be happy if they would just remove this disgusting amount of intrest for being late with last months payment for 6-8 hours, then i can hpefully get it paid off for june and then forget about it, i agree with mr tom, what are they going to add on next, an extra £500 because i have told them im not going to reinstate my direct debit but i will pay them over
  11. many thanks again, now printed off and filled in with the relevant detais, will go first thing in the morning
  12. many thanks for all the menbers help, i will send them a cca request first thing in the morning from what i know capquest bought the debt from american express ive no problem with paying the debt as ive paid them nearly £3500 so far but i just dont see how they can legaly get away with applying so much intrest and doubling my account ballance, i did recieve i leter fror their mupet solisitors called h & h legal who i have not heard good reports about on this site, they seem to cotradict themselves in the letter, the letter heading states re: debt purchased from american e
  13. hi about 3 years ago i got into trouble with american express, i had missed a payment( which turned out to be their error) they cancelled my account, and sent it over to capquest after the usual demands to pay the ballance of £3800 in full, they started demanding i take out a load so i could pay capquest, i eventualy convinced them that due to my current state of health and my drop in work( i was self employed) that i could not aford to pay in full or get a loan even if i wanted too, they eventualy settled on a sum of £150 per month i couldent aford this realy but it was that or have t
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