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  1. No threats of court actionjust yet, and to be honest I'd rather avoid the whole court thing..... I'm desperate to settle this........
  2. Well, no they made no mention of the agreement ending....
  3. Ok, guys, recieved a response this morning from Halifax stating they are refusing my offer and will continue to file info with CRA's etc anddefault will go on file soon..... they also still stating that the agreement they sent is enforceable... Also in the post was a letter from Power2contact, to whom I will be writing and explaining that the account is in dispute... But what can I do as far as Halifax are concerned? I really don't want to go to court with this....
  4. Oh, I never realiased FH only stands with bank accounts that are currently open...
  5. Hi guys, have just successfuly claimed back money under Hradship waiver from my current Natwest bank account, and now wish to do the same with an old closed Halifax bank account. However, I have several accounts which are in arrears with Halifax, Mortgage/loans/credit card.... My question is if I successfully claim back my charges from Halifax, will they use that money to pay off arrears etc...? Has anyone been in the same boat but got Halifax to send them a cheque as opposed to paying themselves off...... I have every intention of paying my enforceable debts, however, after having
  6. Natwest have agreed to refund all charges applied to my account over the past 3 years (which is how long I have held the account for!!) some interest included in the offer although not a great deal, will be accepting the offer...... Needless to say I have a big smile on my face and I shall be having a celebratory drink this weekend..... donation to CAG to follow, and couldn't have done this wthout you guys....esp u yourbank..God bless you...xx..... Now onto Halifax...!
  7. well done langton, Im in the same boat as you (Natwest have agreed to pay out-amount not yet confirmed)howver, you mentioned they agreed to pay £500 more then you asked? I take it you hadn't included all the charges in your initial request?
  8. Will wait for them to agree an amount first and then if this needs disputing I will do so, however, based on the amount of hardship I am under I can't see why they would agree an amount less the what they owe me.... Thanks for your advice YourBank...x
  9. Does that mean that I cant even challenge the amount that they agree to pay me back?
  10. Oh god..... do theyt mean they will repay ME in token payments????!!!! I wnt my money back asap!!!
  11. Some good news guys, recieved a letter in the post today to say that Natwest have agreed to refund me my charges... However, te letter they sent me is somewhat confusing...... If anyone understands and could clarify what they mean I would be grateful.....here's what they wrot..... I refer to correspondence in realtion to your financial hardship. Your request has been agreed and confirmed subject to regular token repayments as appropriate. This arrangement can continue, if require, until the result of the OFT and UK Banks court case outcome is known. Until the result of the charge
  12. Is the balance of your account over £1000? Mine is just under, I'm getting the feeling that the balance plays a big part in write offs etc....??
  13. Lol, Ur prbly right in that case I take it I stop contact with them untill court stage? What happend with your cse in then end? Has it progressed to court etc?
  14. Thank you guys, will not mention the defective DN or anything relating to DN to Halifax, someone asked in an earlier post whether I had recieved an enforceable CCA, however, to date I have not recieved this, Halifax have sent me an illegible copy of an application form without the prescribed terms and conditions (no interest rates etc), after several correspondence disputing the illegibility of the application form, sent them the letter in post 66 thanks to DD.... Halifax are usually quick in responding so I am expecting a response any day soon, as soon I recieve this I will update this thread
  15. Im really tempted to write to Halifax and ask them what the hell they think they're doing putting a default on my file while account is in dispute, however, I have noticed that on other threads people have been advised not to as it woould give the upper hand to the debtor if account is defaulted and terminated...? Anyone knw how I should proceed?
  16. The DN figue is £163.00 however, Diddydicky mentioned something about the amount they are claiming as remedy needs to be correct as well, therefore, wanted to find out how thie amount of £163.00 would have been caculated, the actual arrears outstanding according to the statements amounts higher then this....
  17. Lol....oh dear, I think Halifax are keen to demonstatre just how incompetent they really are at any given opportunity!
  18. Oh and how would the default sum have been calculated, should it be all arrears outstanding?
  19. Ok this one should be better..... Halifax Default.pdf
  20. Ok guys, attached is the defualt notice, please let me knw what you think.....
  21. Bookworm, do you mean to say, that if the charges were added by OC, debt was sold to a DCA, then rightfully the OC would still have to refund any charges even though the DCA now onws the debt outright?
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