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  1. Oh, and there is definitely a dodgy DN frm these guys as well, just dnt recall ever recieveing a termination notice from them. I have a copy of the DN they sent me in Oct 06, however, they have not sent this with the SAR, and if ever there was a termination notice sent me back then this has not been encloed with the SAR either, so will be writing back to them requesting these docs.....
  2. Yes I have every intention of claiming back PPI, it was optional however, I remember taking this loan out over the phone, and being advised PPI would drastically improve my chances of obtaining it..... also tried to cancel this PPI at a later date, however, I was advised that this would mean a new agreement credit check etc, and the quote for repayments after PPI would have been knocked of by about £7.00, which was pointless!!! Therefore, PPI stayed on the loan..... I am trying to currently work out exactly how much I have paid to this to dat however, it does'nt give me any indication on
  3. Hi guys have today recieved a partial response to my SAR from A&L, the have sent me a copy of my CCA, it looks enforceable to me, butwould like your opinions on what you think, one thing tho, on the back of the doc, I have siged 10/05/05 and this was sent to them by post, they have signed the relevant section however, they have dated theirs 09/05/05, does this hve any effect on enforceability at all? A&L CCA.pdf A&L CCA2.pdf
  4. Ok, thank you for that very informative post lillywhite, and thnks joemay and Vint....
  5. Confused as Vints letter seems to suggest that agreement has terminated as of Halifax sending me the TN, however DD version indicates agreement terminated as of my date of acceptance letter..... just concerned as I dnt wnt this to have an affect on the dodgy DN, whereby they will be able to go back and rectify....
  6. Ok, just to clarify, I have written up letter as per post 122, however, DD you state in the letter, 'I accept unlawful repudiation and this agreement has therefore ended as of the date of this letter'..... Does that mean to say the date of my letter, or the date Halifax sent me the Termination Notice?
  7. lol.... my eyes are already goin square!!! Never recieved letter sayin g money should be in 4 days before etc..... but will be sending termination acknowledgement tommorrow...... So just to get ur confirmation: I write to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 24 July 2009, unlawfully terminating the agreement in relation to the above account. I believe this agreement to have unlawfully ended as of 24th July 2009. Is that enough, sent recorded del tmrw...?
  8. Ok, I had no idea whatsoever about any of this termination stuff, so I am ever grateful to you DD, will draft the letetr and send making sure to state they have unlawfully terminated the agreement. One other point however is that on the Default Notice they gave untill 25th July to remedy the breach, however, the termination notice is dated the 24th July, does this have any effect? BTW, I have read the BOS v Mitchell case u posted here, and I find it very interesting, however, as I am still learning all the legal bits n bobs, it's helping...x
  9. Oh..... I never realised that. But is it sufficint for me to just state that I acknowledge that the agreement has now been terminated......?? Sorry for askin so many silly questions... alot of this stuff is new to me esp. to do with DN's and terminations...
  10. Ok, I have this as the letter Dear sir/madam RE: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I write in response to the aove account number. I write to acknowledge reciept of your letter dated xxx unlawfully terminating the alleged agreement in relation to the above account, and now believe this agreement to have ended as of 24th July 2009. Is that sufficeient? I feel like I should add more to it....? Should I mention tht I now only owe £163.00 due to unlawfull termination? Also, DD you mentioned that if I had not been making payments then continuing what I am doing is unlikely to have any
  11. Well done and congrats with that, its a lil victory on it's own!! Will give you a shout if I read anything interesting/relevant, in the meantime following your thread eagerly...x
  12. Subbing, also have exactly the same application form from halifax in place of an agreement, at retty much the sme stage as you London, my dispute has been going on since May, have been defaulted recently and agreement has been terminated....... London you mentionedthat your application was illegible, this was the case with mine as well, did u point this out to Halifax? If so, what was their reposne, they admitted that the copy they sent me could be clearer however refused to accept that it is completly illegble, and I have gone on to use this as my base point in arguing my case with them
  13. Thank you DD..... will certainly do this, and keep the thred updated with the outcome...xx
  14. Thanks for the above letter Vint, but I have written several letters to the tune of what the one above is saying only to get nowhere..... I do need something that will show them that I know exactly what I'm talking about, so I may go with the one Lillywhite has posted earlier and edit it to suit so alot of research involevd on the CCA....... On a happier note (though you wouldn't think this under normal circumstance!) I received a termination notice from Halifax this morning, therefore, legally I only owe them £163.00 becuase of dodgy DN (date of service 11th July (was a Saturday)date of
  15. Can anyone else hlp as to what my next step should be, Halifax sent me an illegible copy of an application form, sent account in dispute letter, snt letter saying application is unenforceable, sent letter sayin £100 full and final settlement without admitting liability, yet they are having none of it....!!!
  16. Thanks for that link lillywhite, have been looking for it everywhere....xx
  17. Ok, I would need help in ammending the above letter and make it suitable for a credit card agreement though as I am totaly useless at legal jargon etc, which is also why Im worried about using the courts, however, I am willing to learn should this be necessary.....
  18. No CCJ granted as yet.... thanks for the link just finished reading some of the threads very informative...x
  19. I was under the impression that an illegible application is unenforceable even with a court order....
  20. Hi guys just wanted to find out if their is any other Act other then consumer credit (cancellation notices and copy documents) regulations 1983 SI1983/1557 (“The Regulations”), that I coud use in disputing an illegible application form? Also am I correct in believeing that an agreement which is illegible would be unenforceable even with a court order? Does anyone know any previous court cases which have been won in the way of illegilbe agreements, tha I could quote..?
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