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  1. Thank you so much for gettin back to me, I really really appreciate it....I have not at this stage recieved any documents from the lender or a hearing date as of yet apart from a 15 day notice to clear the arrears, or legal action will begin. I have however, spoken to them and they have advised me that if i cannot clear the arrears within the 15 days, then their solicitors will be in touch with me and that I will need to put a proposal of payment forward to them so that they can present this to court. After this I need to make six consecutive payments, after which they will consider capitalis
  2. Hi guys just need some advice really, basically brought a property some years ago, and as property prices went down and credit crunch kicked in, I had to move back in with my parents oweing to no income, couldn't sell the property as the sale would not have covered the outstanding mortgage and would have left a shortfall, therefore, having no other option I eventually rented the property out, however, as the property was vacant for quite a while there are quite alot of arrears outstanding from last year but payments have been made this year as you can guess, the mortgage is not a buy to let.
  3. Vint do you mean the claiming charges and interest is a seperate issue to the CCA issue? Should I go ahead and put in a claim for the charges and interest and PPI they have added to my account, which amounts to over half the outstanding balance?
  4. Hi guys not much of an update on this at the moment, except Halifax have agreed to write off the interest and charges they added since the account has been defaulted and terminated. The account has now been passed from Albion Collections to Blair Oliver Scott, I'm sensing this is getting closer to court stage, to which I look forward to so that the matter can be solved once and for all..... However, if the court's do find in favour of Halifax for some reason or other, will this mean that I cannot claim back the interest and charges on the account, as the current outstanding balance is probabl
  5. They offered to repay the PPI interest which they state is 8 percent and amounts to around £95.00, I neer actually thought I'd be entitled to any interest, how would I ork it out and ask them to refund it? Also there is a default on the account, but I am still awaiting A&L to send me the default and termination docs as part of SAR....
  6. Ok been reading aound on a few posts here and just wanted to find out if A&L are allowed to apply the refunded PPI amount to the balance outstading on my account, it has been defaulted and there are arrears on the account..... Can I still request a cheque in the post?
  7. Hi, just to let you know what wenton with this case..... I phoned up A&L stating I do beliee I was mis-sold PPI, and I as adisedthis would be looked into, andsomeone would write back to me in a few weeks time.... that was about a month ago, today receieed a letter, stating A&L will refund an amount to just under £1000, and it will be deducted from my loan account balance, needless to say I'm an extremely happy bunny today, and thank you all for your great help, now will help my sis to get her PPI back, which will amount to thousands as she has a loan for £25000.00!!!! I know the
  8. Ok, not gettin anywhere with BCard....sent the below letter to them.... Re; your recent reply to my request under section 77-79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 I note that you have replied to the above by sending a copy of your companies current Terms and conditions I must inform you that this is not sufficient to comply with the request and that your company is still in default under the act. To clarify, just sending the Terms and Conditions is a breach of the Act and Regulations as, apart from the information that the Regulations provide that you may exclude, the copy must be
  9. Hi guys just to give you some insight into my experiences with JCP!!! Made a claim for JSA in Feb 09..... and that's where it all went downhill!!!! After assessing my claim for three months, I was advised that I had not paid enough Class1 contributions to qualify for contributions based JSA and was entitled to Income based JSA and pay would be back dated etc... Now I have recieved a letter stating that my contibutions have exhausted and that I should fill out a JSA 3 form???!!!!! My question is has anyone been in the same boat? What was the outcome? I have asked them to look
  10. Hi debt4get could you please point me i n the direction of the templates Im having trouble finding them....
  11. Hi guys, sent CCA request to Bcard in April 2009, and have since recieved a copy of their terms and conditions in August 2009 (no sigs etc). In the letter they further state they have complied with section 78 despite having ommited interest rates due to the current state of my account?(!) Sent Sar in July to which they have sent copy statements in August 2009, and in this letter they state that this is all the info they hold on me in relation to the said account (no CCA, no PPI info, no termination notices, no default notcies etc). Is there a templae letter on here to say that their
  12. Hi guy, not much update on this just yet, however, seeing as this account has been terminated are Halifax still allowed to add interest/charges and conduct collections activity on this? After having sent them the I accept your unlawful termination letter, I am still being harassed by Albion and Halifax, what would you suggest my next port of call should be? Other then the complaints going to OFT and TS, I was thinking of writin a strongy worded letter to the complaints department...? Any advice anyone please...
  13. ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Jus had a D1kh3d from Albion call me on behalf of Halifax....after I advised him that the account was in dispute he asked me what the dispute was for and he would help me solve it(!) I told him I want Halifax to provide me with a copy of my CCA and then I'll make payments to the account again, to which he replied well what your doing is fraud!!!!!!! I went ballistic, The guy wouldnt give me his full name as I wanted to make an official complaint..... Bl00dy B.......trd!!!
  14. Thanks for the advice Lillywhite....I meant lost contact... Ok, after having spoken to the DSAR department of Halifax, I have been advised that they cannot issue me with default notices/termination notices/notices of assignment as the do not form part of a relevant filing system and are issued automatically as and when needed.... I really need the Defaults/Termination Notices I am pretty sure they will be dodgy, is there any way that I can push them on this?
  15. Hi guys, just to let everyone know what is going on with this case.... Halifax are cacking it!!!! They sent around a debt collector from Power2Contact.... I asked him what he was doing at my home, and he advised me that he was from a company who track people down for banks when they have lost contact!!! I told him that I am in written correspondence with Halifax since April, anyway after a lengthy heated convo with the lady on the phne I recieved a swift apology from DCA man.... Other then OFT who else can I complain to? Can I put in a complaint with the FSA?
  16. Bumping for any more opinions on CCA attached above....
  17. Direct & Legal Collections, Blair Oliver Scott, Fredricksons Intl, Apex, Moorcroft, Credit Solutions Ltd......
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