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  1. Can someone please offer me some guidance with this, I have submitted the above defence to the court, and sent CRP to first crecit, to which they have now replied, however they have given me until mid week next week to reply to them, they have not indicated whether they wish to purse through the courts - also have I landed myself in trouble with the above defence i.e it is admitted that I have in the past held accounts the Halifax..... as they seem to be making a big fuss of this in their response.. ...someone please help!!
  2. now submitted above defence - have also been given a barrage of information from the court regarding final submission date for defence given my situation, but lets see what happens
  3. OK so legal people for this have responded to my cpr, stating they have requested the documents requested from DCA and that I have 14 days from them sending me the documnets to submit a defence - this sounds dodgy to me.... are they allowed to make that decision, or are the defence submission deadlines set by the court only contacted the court today to enquire what my position was with regards to submitting a defence as claimants solicitors gave me 14 days to submit defence once they respond to my cpr -however the court informed me that I have until Monday 4pm as they have no
  4. thankyou theoldrouge i will look at these and get another cca sent off to see what they have -
  5. Hi everyone still need to send of cpr and defense for this - however, I was looking over passed documents relating to this CCJ - it seems that the alleged agreement was terminated by halifac, however, this is not mentioned in the POC by first credit - should I be concerned? Therefore, I'm not sure whether I need to include this as part of the CPR? Also, the CCA request was sent to Halifax originally which resulted in a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between me and them as the document they were producing as the alleged agreement was completely illegible, and did not appear to contain any of th
  6. The issue date is 3 March 2014, the claim is for an alleged credit card which goes way beyond 2007, and amounts to just under £1000.00, account defaulted in 2009, payments were not being made as SAR request indicated a dodgy default notice and a CCA which appeared unenforceable a nd here is where the dispute with the original creditor begins. Debt was assigned to several different companies. I have not yet sent off any of the documentation - not sure of what I need to do after acknowledgement and CPR request.... Any guidance would be much appreciated
  7. Hi all Have recently recieved a claim form from a DCA for an alleged debt, however, I sent all relevant SAR a while back and received terms and agreements which definitly did not meet the CCA enforcement requirements at the time - any advice on how I can counterclaim/defend this? I'm considering seeking legal advice/employing a solicitor - however, I am aware people have successfully defended without... . any help/guidance/next steps advice please??
  8. Hi guys it's been a while since I updated this, but really wanted to say thank you very much to everyone who helped me out with this, I'm happy to say that I am back on my feet with he flat and have mantained my monthly payments inline with my arrangement via the court. Therefore, my lender has since capitalised the arrears and I still have my flat. Finally feel like I'm getting above board...!
  9. What????!!! £200 for an entire house?! I have to ring up a few companies and get prices, also the window that has been replaced is a bay window.... it still seems excessive for just that as its not actually that big... I don't have exact measurements at the moment.
  10. Thank you Britannia1..... I will have a look at your thread also, good luck with your case.
  11. Thank you so much MrShed... I will do this first thing tommorrow...
  12. Hi guys just wanted some advice, I have decided to rent my property out via a lettings agency. I have previously rented the property, however it was a private let and no agency was involved. I am becoming suspicious of the lettings agency who have let my flat to a council tenant since the beginning of this month and told me it takes approximately 8 weeks for any rent to arrive as the council needs to sort out paperwork etc????? Does this sound right? Also, the agency carried out some repair work and are charging me around £800 for a double glazed window, and £300 for cleaning of the c
  13. HELP!!!! An update on this situation, I have made a proposal of payment to solicitors and they are happy with t, however, I thought that was the end of my bit, untill I discovered the defence form for court which I have just tried to submit online as its due tomoro, however, it's not letting me do it!!!! Why me???!!!! Can sopmeone please tell me what I need to do or can do? I basically have o defence will they reposess my flat?
  14. Gustavius thank you so much for that info, so I will fill out the income and expenditure to say they are lodgers and then work out the gas/electric etc... they do pay me the majority of the amount that would go towards the mortgage, I would have to pay around 150, however, then the bills council tax etc would be paid by me right?
  15. chillinlong thank you so much for ur advice, can i not just say that I am a student, and that I am getting help with costs and mortgage from father, which was actually true for a few months.
  16. Nope I'm a student now. And I am on benefits but obviously not from the property concerned but from my parents home address. I feel like Im in such a mess!!!
  17. Thank you guys for the advice. It does say that I can't do this without the lenders permission. arrears are just under £9000. I have been advised that I can make a proposal which will need to cover the monthly repayment and then a little ontop and provided I don't break this arrangement they will capitalise the arrears. How would I g about filling the income and expenditure? Especially as they have stated that they could possible ask for evidence of the income and expenditure at a later date.
  18. Today recieved my letter from the solicitors of the bank, I want to make a proposal of payments however, they have attached an income and expenditure sheet and Im not sure quite how to complete it given my situation as mentioned in the post above. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Oe day should not make a diff at all!!!! Definitely do not take one persons advice, especially as the DWP have just undergone a massive recruitment campaign and have many new memebers of staff, the old lot don't know what they are talking about let alone the new ones....!!!
  20. Hi guys no update with regards to this as yet, all quiet, account is back with Halifax DCA Blair Oliver Scott, waiting for them to take me to court so that I can have this mess settled once and for all...!! In the mean time, I am starting my claim back for PPI and charges (which amounts to over half the balance)!!
  21. HAs any0one successfully managed to get a copy of their default notice from Halifax as aprt of an SAR request? If so, how did you go about it. I SAR'd them quite some time ago and have been trying to get hold of my default notices fpr quite some time, however, they have advised me that as they are sent out automatically, they are not held on a filing system, therefore, they cannot send me a copy of an old default notice..... does anyone know this to be correct?
  22. Hi guys, searched for te answer to my question but could not seem to find it.....basically, I am aware that a debt becomes statute barred after 6 years, however, does it have to be six continuous years of non-payment, or does it start from the date you took the loan out? E.G took out loan in 2004, made 5 full payments then in June fell into arrears made token payments in JUly August and Sept and never made a payment since then so would the debt become satute barred counting from Sept 2004?
  23. Thank you for your response Aviva, I understand what you are saying, however, what difference would it make if my course was part time and I was studying for 15 hours? I'd still be doing the same amount of research and studying outside of classroom time.
  24. Hi guys, could someone please advise me on what my position is with regards to studying while claiming JSA. My jobcentre seem to be extremely confused..... one person tells me that my study hours must be less then 16 hours per week, which they are, another tells me that my course must not be classified as full time regardless of hours of study, however, if it is classed as part time it must be less then 16 hours. My course is however, calssed as full time, although I only go in 3 days a week, and it is 15 hours...... can someone please advise further?
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