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  1. I would definately be wary oif any company who do not charge for a service !! There has to be a catch and ususally there is - "no such thing as a free lunch!". Bet there is a percentage at the end!!?? Where do you find that money from, as unenforeceable means not paying any further [payments off an outstanding debt, there is no money back>
  2. Brunel Franklin are currently handling my claim for Unenforceable Credit Agreements. I used them because they claimed back £6,000 in unfair bank charges..... very efficiently. The service was brilliant. I chose them again as they gave me sound advice and for a debt of 10k I have only paid £295!! If the agreement does comply with the CCA 1974 they will refund me £250 and thats factual (my friends agreement couldn;t go forward so she has received her refund) In my opinion if I can walk away from £10k for £295 is a BARGAIN. Nothing ventured nothing gained. They
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