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  1. I was looking for an accurate address for Mercer debt collections because when I sent my last letter to them Special Delivery the woman at the Post office was unable to find the postcode. In my travels, I came across the following site: www.csa-uk.com/csa/members-list.php Turns out to be quite useful since it shows that they are Barclaycard t/a, and also has addresses for all other debt collectors ...
  2. Ang, did they give any reason or justification at all? Sometimes they say they can't because they can't verify your address or some such, but I haven't yet heard of anyone else having a letter simply stating they are unable without any form of justification... I am sure one of the many genius minds will be along to offer advice shortly. Sit tight!
  3. Thanks Lexis, good advice. I won't take offence at your reference to 'monkeys' in that context:D. Sorry to hear that things aren't great for you - I have noticed your posts on many threads, and you are always so supportive of everyone - I hope it all goes brilliantly for you. When I invent the magic wand, I'll send one your way! MK
  4. Thanks Citizen. I have been through LOADS of the ones that I have seen on CAG, and whilst a number of them are similar, I haven't found one the same. As far as I can tell, there is an issue in proving that the back refers to the front. One other issue I have been reading about is that the Credit Limit was above the amounts in their magic table,and therefore there was no confirmation of the amount they would charge, but I don't know if that is strong enough for my next letter. On the basis that they haven't supplied the rest of the T&Cs referred to in this section, I suppose I could res
  5. Please can someone have a look at the agreement I received on the link below? I am desperate for anything I can say is 'incomplete' on this because MBNA are issuing a DN and then 'selling it on'. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/welcome-consumer-forums/214157-monkeykiwi-mbna-virgin.html#post2354735 Many thanks in advance ...
  6. I have been reading and reading and reading through as many threads as I can re MBNA/Virgin, and I would be really grateful if someone would have a look at the copy of the agreement which MBNA recently sent through to me. It's not a great copy, but it's as good as it gets, sadly, although they did send a letter saying that it was 'the best copy' they could provide. I can actually just about read the copy they sent through to me, though, so don't think I can use the 'illegibility' standpoint. Can you check if all prescribed terms are there? It makes reference to another document, whic
  7. Monkeykiwi

    Cosalt V MBNA

    Does anyone have an answer to whether the default charges should be classed as prescribed terms - I have seen a couple of references to this on my reading today, but haven't been able to find a definitive answer. I first stumbled across this being an issue on the Debt template letters under the MBNA agreement post, and want to know if I can use this as the absence of a prescribed term in my next response to MBNA. also, does the absence of 'Card' in 'Credit Agreement regulated by the Consumer credit Act 1974' also mean it is lacking a prescribed term. i would be grateful for some quick advic
  8. Keep checking on the third one - as we know, their administrative systems at some of these big card companies are appalling at best and they will eventually cash the third one!
  9. We are also fighting MBNA for a dubious agreement missing prescribed terms and T&Cs. interestingly, though, I found the T&C they sent when they sent the actual card through and they are vastly different from what appears on the reverse of the application form which MBNA claim constitutes the agreement in conjunction with the T&Cs which they haven't been able to produce. They have also just sent an intended Default Notice, so am gonna hit them with as much as I can. Andreamour, they also stated that they were aware the copy they sent was difficult to read but it was the best
  10. I will be interested to hear the outcome - I have had the same - an agreement from 2005 with Citigroup as the address ... I will watch with interest. We were just about to start making a deal with their DCA, but may just hold fire a little now ...
  11. Thanks for the advice Scott - will send in the post tomorrow.
  12. I have but so far no responses ... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/capital-one/193057-monkeykiwi-capital-one.html
  13. I would be really grateful if someone could offer any advice on the next steps with this one. So far, we have done CCA request, and follow up letter, to which Ms Renshaw sent the by now well expected 'your account is not in dispute'. We also did the SAR, and it came back with various print-outs of their attemtps to call us - although I am sure not all of them - and a copy of our CCA request, , but nothing remotely looking like a signed Credit Agreement. They have now sent it straight to a DCA. Should I do the whole CCA request with the DCA now or take more decisive action?
  14. Davey Thank you so much for such inspirational posts. I started this process with all our creditors only a couple of months ago, and so far have been receiving exactly the same sorts of letters from capone. Now and again I feel completely overwhelmed by it all, but then I read something like your post and it provides me with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. I guess that their intention is to employ scare tactics to as many people as possible in the hope that you will get so snowed under with it all that you just give in. I am not doing this to be irresponsible - we tried all of the reduced
  15. Can you tell me what happened with this? I have received the same thing except without a copy of the short application form. they have now placed default notice and I want to make sure that whatever I do next I do properly!
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