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  1. Dear dx100uk Thanks for your reply. The orginal creditor was Capital one. Card was taken out somewhere in 2000 excuse my ignorence I am not sure what CRA file is I do have all my statements of payment From top of my head no CCA request was sent.. I may need to double check Should I resume paying £1 monthly? will legal proceedings be taken against me if I dont get back to them Thaks again for your help.
  2. I have now attached a pdf version of the letter I received. Hopefully its easier to read. Capquest agreed to my £1 monthly payments 2 years ago and I have been since then.
  3. Dear all, Sorry if this is posted in wrong section. I received the attached letter from CapQuest threatning me with possible legal action. I have been paying £1 per month to CapQuest to clear my debt .I am not sure as to why I have received this letter. I am little worried with their threat .Please can someone provide me with a template in order to response to them. Many Thanks
  4. Thank you Erika for the info
  5. Hi ErikaPNP Yes I am older than 25 and work 36 hours per week, I don't have any children or a disability. Will that be sufficient to make a claim? Thanks
  6. Dear Forum members, Is it possible for me to make a claim for Working tax credits if I live with my family (parents house) and am single? I went to the directgov website but the information was not as clear. I did use the online calculator to work out how much i am entitled to, but not sure if I can make a claim while i live with my parents?? Apologies if this type of question has been discussed before. (i could not find anything on the search)
  7. Pascha Yes he has, he has been paying monthly on a regular basis as agreed by HMRC. Also he has letter from them outlining the payment plan. Not sure why they are demanding full payment all of a sudden?
  8. Dear members My dad received a letter from HM Revenue and Customs demanding that he pay all of the 'self assessment income tax. The total amount is over 13k However previously he was sent a letter stating that he can make regular monthly payments and my dad has been doing this. I am not sure why they have sent him this letter asking for the full payment. It mentions on the letter to give them a call, but before he does that I would really appreciate some advise on how to deal with this matter. Should he make a call to them or write? They are threatening to remove assets and
  9. Thanks for the advice, I will write to them again. How do I go about getting a Subject Access request done? Is this a general form of some sort? Cheers
  10. Hello All, Not so long ago I received a letter from Debt Recovery and Prosecution Services claiming I was involved in dodging rail fare... Anyhow with help from generous members on this forum ('tendogs' 'Last of the Mohicans') I wrote to them and got myself witness statements made. It has been 3 weeks and I have not yet received any response from them. On their letter they were threatning me to take me to court, now I dont hear anything from them. Is it best to leave it or should I write to them again?
  11. Thank You Maroondevo, exucse my ignorence but what I am exactly asking NCO to provide? Will this stop them from passing the file to their solictors? Cheers for the input.
  12. Hi Scott, I think the card goes back a few years, not sure about re-claiming anything back to be honest. He is paying off the interest and it is about £1200. The agreement was to pay £1 every month. They were accepting this for about 10 months until now they decided to send the papers to the firm of solicitors...
  13. Hello all, Not sure if this post is the right area (sorry if its not) I need help in responding to a letter my friend received regarding repayment of his credit card. To explain briefly a agreement was made to pay £1 every month to pay of the owning balance, Now my friend has been doing this for a while and has not made any late payments. He received a letter today from NCO and it states that the files are being passed to a firm of solicitors ('Leatham-Locke LLB') and they will prepare commencement of legal action without my friend being informed. Thay have given 5 da
  14. Thank you for the letter. I really appreciate everyones help. What a nice forum where people go out of their way to help:-)
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