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  1. Hi all. Hoping you can give me some advice. Ok, here goes! I'm 28, and I've always had mild back trouble, and i've had to watch what i'm doing, but nothing major, just aching when i've overdone it. Last year, I started a new job as an events organiser, my back problems started to get a bit worse, as in after a busy day i would be in a lot of pain that evening, but it would be ok the next day. In August, after a very busy 2 day event it didn't get better, and i've been bad ever since. I was off work sick for around 6 weeks, and then i began to work from home doing the adm
  2. Hi. Thanks for this. Luckily they've not called me. I got their letter yesterday and rang this morning witholding my number. They are horrible people, figured that already! I got into debt when I was with my ex, and last year I ended up paying out over £6000 for a joint debt that I couldn't get out of, and made an agreement for another £1800 which I pay £100 a month for, and I just can't afford to be paying out anymore! They are all coming to the 6 year point now, I'm just praying there are no more that will appear. My other debts were with Link, and to be fair, although they didn't make any
  3. Hi Cerberusalert. Thanks for your response. I will get this letter sent this weekend. I will no doubt be back on here with their response, or lack of it! Thanks very much.
  4. Hi. Thanks again for coming back to me. Are they likely to take me to court if it's getting close to the 6 year mark and they aren't getting anything from me? I've looked at my credit file, and there is nothing on there about this - I don't know if that makes a difference when it comes to them being able to take action or showing they have an agreement? Is my next step to write and ask for the credit agreement then, or make an offer? Just to clarify, if they have no agreement, no signature, can they do anything? And yes, I will tell my fella that. He's very moral and is wo
  5. Hi there. Thank you so much for your reply. I suffer with stress pains in my stomach, and since my call to them it's creasing me. I can't deal with it at all. The debt is £238 for a course I took out with ICS learning - I asked them when it started and they said August 2004. I've looked at some old bank statements and it does tally that the paymetns started then, and it wasn't many months before my direct debits started to bounce and were then cancelled completely. The debt isn't huge in comparison to some, but it's not easy to know what to do. I have a feeling it was all done over the
  6. Hi. Had a letter yesterday from Mackenzie Hall for a debt taken some time ago. Rang them today, very rude and they hung up on me twice. I said I wanted a credit agreement for the debt, and they said I don't need one to know if I owe the money or not, that a credit agreement won't tell me if it's fraud or jog my memory of the debt. I said that I have a right to see the agreement before I pay anything, she was a right stroppy madam, said she'd send a letter then hung up. What do I do next? Ring again and make it clear what I want as I'm conscious my call won't be logged and they'
  7. Hi there cerberusalert. Thanks again for you reply. I've today had a voicemail left to call Link Financial. They have not responded to my letter, but have started to call. My partner called them as I didn't want to speak to them, and he's pointed out that we are still waiting for my credit agreement before we'll discuss anything with them further. There was all sorts of talk about the debt being acknowledged and stuff, but it ended that they have already sent some stuff out, and my letter will be passed to their 'disputes team'. I'm still fretting like crazy about all this. Be
  8. Hi Vickson. The order itself from the Court will come through the post, but the actual eviction date should be hand delivered by the bailiff directly to the property. This is to ensure the defendant is aware of the eviction date from the court not purely reliant on the Claimant, and also gives the bailiff the opportunity to check out the property - whether the defendant has already left, possible aggressive dogs at the property etc. To be honest, the majority of my knowledge lies in Social Housing as this is my line of work, but the Court procedure for warrant of possession is the same
  9. Hi there. Just a quick question really - I had finance in 2002 which was registered as defaulted in 2004. I am currently dealing with the DCA about this, asking for credit agreements etc. I have some old copies of my credit file, and notice that the debt in question disappeared off my file last year - now that they are chasing me again, can they put this back onto my file? I'm not sure why it was taken off - is this in my favour? Completely confused Thanks very much.
  10. Hi there. The procedure you've said is correct - once the order has been given by the Judge, the lender has to apply for the warrant, which is passed to a bailiff to fix the appointment. It does depend on area and how busy they are - note that the eviction date from the bailiff should be hand delivered to your home. You are entitled to appeal against any warrant, this may buy you some more time if you get a sympathetic Judge. Good luck.
  11. Hi everyone. Following on from my original post, I've got another question I'm afraid! It's regarding my credit file. The credit in question was taken out in 2002, and according to my old credit file, I defaulted in 2004, although I think it was sooner than that. The debt was on my report until November last year, when it disappeared. I've checked again today, and also with another credit reference agency, and there's no sign of it, although I can see that the DCA have searched my Equifax records. My question is - if it turns out that I have paid in the last 6 years, can the DCA put this
  12. Thanks, you've been really helpful. I am going to follow it up with a letter stating the above sending it Recorded Delivery and see what they say. Thanks again
  13. Thanks for that. Can I just ask what a CCA is in this instance? Basically they said that they will write to me with "information" within the next 2/3 weeks but when I spoke to Link they said that they did not know the payment history and couldn't tell me whether it was over 6 years or not!! They just said that they will send me their "actions" including alleged home visits/phonecalls etc. Also, i'm a little concerned about the whole acknowledging the debt thing. Does this have to be in writing or can they twist a telephone conersation into me "acknowledging" the debt? Thanks f
  14. Hi there. Thank you ever so much for your response. Can I just clarify something though? It is possible that I have paid in the last 6 years, but I can't be sure. My old credit file said I defaulted in April 2004, which obviously isn't 6 years ago, however, the whole thing has now been removed from my credit file. If the DCA cannot prove that I have paid in the last 6 years, can I still state it's statue barred and hopefully get them off my case? Thanks again.
  15. Hi everyone. I've never been on a forum before, so please be patient with me Several years ago I was in a lot of debt, and the majority have now either been paid off or have just given up. I've heard nothing for years, however yesterday I had a letter from J2 Solutions saying they needed to contact me. I called them, and they put me through to Link Financial, who I have a debt with. The original loan was taken out in July 2002 (according to an old credit report I've found as I haven't got any information on this debt now). My old credit file states that I defaulted in April
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