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  1. thank you the support help and advice on here is what keeps me giong at the moment thanks again
  2. contacted stephensons they are going to look into this mess advised i move vehicle and inform lbl when they contact that they are now involved . why does this whole situation over take my life all i seem to do is worry bout this whole situation they said i can get legal aid so thats good news im obsessed with this i only hope i can help some one else when its all sorted !!!!!
  3. have emailed stephensons will ring local trading standards as well thank you
  4. thank you i just dont know where to start i have no where to hide my car where is stephensons solicitors have an appointment with cab on 3rd june that cant come quick enough waited 3 months.
  5. tired of fighting wot happens if i just tell them to fetch the car ? cant cope any more
  6. cccs have advised i have to continue payments to lbl or lose my car as it is hire purchase agreement ???? They e mailed template to send to my creditors and advised i look into if i am getting correct benefits i didnt find them so helpful
  7. hi just to keep all up to date cccs appointment was yesterday but they rang and had to cancel unforeseen circumstances so they rearranged for tomorrow spoken to lbl advised i was in contact with cccs and they agreed to accept 40 per week for 8 weeks im hoping i can sort something more reasonable out after speaking to cccs they informed me 40 per week was going on in charges !!!!! so i pay 40 and they put 40 back on to settle goes upbout 100 per month im so frustrated
  8. just been looknig at my bos it is witnessed by rep is this ok
  9. i havnt got 150 pounds i did not sign in front of a solicitor just their rep who signed as witness i have got telephone appointment with cccs on the 28th april just hope by keep paying the 40 a week it will keep the wolves at bay go without heating on my pr payment meter rather than lose my car !!!!!
  10. how do i go about going to court do i go to my local court and what do i say or ask ????
  11. Am thinkin on putting it somewhere and goin to court perhaps to obtain more time and find out if the bos is ligit
  12. Have spoken to cccs they have made an appointment for me to speak to one of their counsellors on 28th april who hopefully will be able to help me further with this nightmare thank you for all your advice.
  13. Thank you DG have been reading some more threads from postggj trying to wade through the information have registered with national debt line via email maybe hear something tomorrow and contact lbl again with another offer ?
  14. Thank you will read and see what to do my heads a shed at the minute and retaining the information and acting on it is difficult you can see why im in such a mess !!
  15. can i sell my car without the log book and then if i get enough pay log book loans the settlement figure of 1900 would that be legal ?
  16. Thank you i have been reading this forum for a couple of weeks only there is such a lot to read its hard to take it all in and not knowing where to start this advice will help me to now move forward i hope and try to resolve this , i have read where they just come sometimes early ie 5 am and take the car is this still happening if so how do i prevent this ? Do lbl accept offers when i have tried to negotiate they just said if i could not afford the payments i should consider letting them take my car i originally had 1300 the settlement is 8000 they said if i pay now they would reduce this to 1
  17. i will contact debt line dont know cccs? Have spoken to lbl they are not willing to accept less than 40 pw and have issued default notice. thank you.
  18. hi this is the first time i have posted on the forum i have been reading the posts and trying hard to grasp the information i took a lbl out last year break up of marriage desperation anyway all was ok till dec startred suffering with depression had to cease work monthly payments where 39.20 somehow through charges i accrued 240 arrears paying 40.00 per week now cant cope strugglin on my own living on ssp paying mortgage etc went to cab they are too busy didint seem to know anything bout lbl or how to advise was shocked. i dont want to lose my car its my lifeline at minute cant afford 40.0
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