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  1. thank you Blondmusic and Aldrin, I have for the time being ignored their last letter...I will see what happens and let you know!
  2. again thank you all for your help. this company is really beginning to get on my thruppeny bits:D
  3. Well done Mr Ton...come the revolution! and thank you both for your help.....the letter I sent said the burden of proof was with them so I think I shall ignore this one for fear of repeating myself! By-the-way this letter was very civilised, far more civilised than threatening warning one I got initially
  4. Right, I sent the letter....I have now got another letter asking me for my last 3 addresses together with the dates.....surely it is not up to me to give them these, that information is readily available through experion and equifax isn't it!!??
  5. aha, just recieved a debt notification! I love the fact that it's so scary to look at....do you think they just went to a graphic designer and gave them the brief "wet your pants intimidating"! anyway it says the debt is for £254 and for a company called ARG equation. Checked on the internet and they do catalogues. Now I have had no form of credit for about 9 years and certainly not a catalogue. What shall I do now? Didn't want to ring until I'd checked it out with you all as you were so helpful!
  6. hahaha, thank you! I think may just do that:)
  7. again thank you for your speedy responses. You've suggested contacting the OFT, can I ask what I could report the company for? Thank you
  8. Thank you all for your advice:D I had a horrible feeling that they would get me on the phone and start fishing for information. They sound like a right dubious bunch of characters! I'll let you know if anything else occurs thanks again
  9. Hello! I'm new on here but would like some advice. I've read plenty of stuff about the above company on various sites, most of it appalling. I have also had various dealings with debt issues in the past. question - I have recently received a postcard from Westcot, with no name on, just my address. They are asking for the occupier to contact them by telephone and have given a reference no. I have lived at this address for 8 years and have had no outstanding debts from this period. Should I contact them? look forward to hearing from you !
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