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  1. Seeing that my posts are being removed mysteriously & without notification I've come to the conclusion that the site team feel I cannot contribute anything useful to this forum. Therefore I shall not be posting again, I would like to leave thinking I may have helped in some small way a few people who have posted here looking for advice. So long & all the best to the regular contributors.......you know who you are.
  2. Parking tickets and penalty fares are not byelaw offences unless prosecuted for non payment using the byelaws. Byelaws are known as 'Non-Recordable' therefore you do not get a 'Record' but you do have a criminal conviction.
  3. You will definately have a criminal conviction, but whether you have a criminal record will depend on the offence you were convicted of.
  4. Sounds like a conductor rather than an inspector, they will probably call you both in for an interview. If you can show that it was just an innocent mistake you may be ok.
  5. You'll need to complain to the DfT as they are the ones who insist that some train operators have Penalty Fare Schemes as part of their franchise.
  6. There will be a reference number on the letter, ring HMCTS central accounts & they can tell you which court dealt with the offence & when.
  7. Impossible im afraid, the barrier wont open unless you take the ticket back.
  8. When they write to you their contact details are on the letter, if they havent written yet you should wait.
  9. After reading the authors post im wondering if she's still drunk.
  10. I think you should know that you details are not hidden, you would be better protected if you edited the documents.
  11. It surprises me how many people do this sort of thing with completely honest intentions. Unfortunately the railway companies & courts dont seem to believe them.
  12. If they cant serve a summons on you, no enforcement can occur. You have 2 choices, tell them what your actual address is or............
  13. You are required to declare the conviction if asked for a period of.5 years from the date of conviction. If you do not & the employer finds out you can be dismissed and/or prosecuted for gaining a pecunary advantage by not declaring as required or even worse, under S76 of POCA.
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