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  1. Hi, I'm hoping that someone will be able to give me a bit of advice regarding some problems my parents are having with the housing association that they rent from. They moved into a new build apartment roughly 4 years ago, with the flat including all new mod-cons including a new oven. The tenancy agreement they signed clearly states that the housing association is responsible for maintaining all applicances, but 4 months after they moved in, they received a letter through the post which stated that once the warranty on the applicances runs out, the tenant is responsible for rectify
  2. Hi, Just wanted some advice if anyone can give us any. We signed a AST in May for 12 months through a letting agent, on behalf of a housing association. I have just received a job offer for a new job in Glasgow which means that me and my partner will both have to relocate. There is no way I could turn this down as there is a very good chance i am about to be made redundant in my current job, along with many of my other colleagues. The landlord has said that they will let us out of the contract but we have to pay a £500 relisting fee so that the letting agent can find us a new
  3. I agree with Kraken in as much as I think £200 is more than reas onable considering the situation. Fos do not tend to award over this amount unless there was severe distress and inconvenience over a prolonged amount of time. Obviously if you can prove financial loss this would be different but I do not see that this is the case here. Close to £200 and a bunch of flowers seems very generous to me and perhaps your relatives should be reasonable and accept what has been offered rather than attempting to drag this out in the hope of a high payout. I get the impression that you think the co
  4. Hi, I have recently (one month) moved out of a property after living in in for 9 months. As we are yet to receive a cheque for the deposit, I have contacted our landlord who said that as he never received our forwarding address, hw did not know where to send the cheque. We did leave our details in the kitchen of the property, so just put this down to him being slow. We are yet to recieve the cheque, so I have looked into the matter. I had no idea (naive i know) about the tenancy deposit schemes, so i did not know that we should have received notification from our landlord within 14 days.
  5. Hi, I am in the process of trying to clear a lot of debt and I recently sent around 14 £1.00 cheques to various creditors along with a letter to say I could only afford to pay £1 a month. This took me around 7 hours to sort out with the various letters and envelopes to sort out. I've checked my bank this morning and was suprised to see a cheque for £100 had cleared out of my account, along with all the £1 cheques. I visited my local branch only for them to show me a photo of the cheque on their system. In the box in the cheque where you write the amount, it looks as if I have writt
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