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  1. Ok slight issue. I have tried to upload the canned images but they don't upload large enough to be seen and I also tried to upload a word doc including the scanned argeement but it doesn't like that also. any suggestions??
  2. Dear all. After a short delay before sending my dispute letter, HSBC came up with the goods and produced my Loan Agreement, albeit almost a fortnight beyond deadline. I have included my scanned agreement minus my personal details and signature if anyone can be kind enough to take a look. The two main issues that I feel most aggrieved about is; 1) despite the 'right to cancel' statement I was told that this was the only option for me and that no other alternative would be available, which was confirmed in a telephone call earlier this year. 2) At no point did anyone
  3. Many thanks.. Am on it!! I must admit I forgot about the plus 2 days so I gues I should really wait til Friday and send then. Cheers Scott Toby
  4. Hi All. Today was deadline day. HSBC received my CCA request on 15th April. As per my previous post, they did respond to me on April 21st telling me that they would pass my request onto the Section 77 team and also to the charges resloution team. Twelfth working day was last Friday. I have accounted for the bank holiday and nothing was in today's post. I gather HSBC have therefore technically broken the term of the CCA? (and the law?) Where do I go from now. Do I send a notice of failure to comply with CCA request and give them further duration of time to rectify the pro
  5. Excellent.. I shall await the deadline and see where we go from there... Thanks guys Tobster
  6. Thanks guys.. here goes the reading!!
  7. Hi all. I sent a CCA request to barclaycard and the 12/14 days to respond is due to expire on 4th May. On Tuesday I received a response from Barclaycard in which they 'write further to your letter and enclosed £1.00 requesting a copy of your executed agreement for the above account'. The document that was included was a copy of the original terms and conditions when I opened the account in 2002/03. (Nothing with my sgnature on). The letter also included a declaration of my current credit limit, a declaratio of my current balance and when the next minimum payment is due.
  8. On Tuesday this week I received a letter from HSBC (almost a week before deadline) stating that their department only deals with data protection requests. They have therefore forwarded my CCA request to the following address that might prove to be useful to others in future. Section 77 Team HSBC Bank PLC 120 Redcliffe Quay Redcliffe Street Bristol BS1 6HU As this letter was sent to the wrong team to begin with, do they still have 12 days to respond from the date the letter was received by the first team or should I now extend it to 12 days from the Tuesday, the date I rece
  9. I certainly will.. Thanks again.. Tobster:D
  10. Ok cool. Thanks Scott. Were your successes related to unenforcable agreements? I have one of the many companies offering to look at my agreement if and when HSBC send it through but I see from here many people deal with it alone. I'm sure once I have had a response from them someone on here will advise my next steps. I'm a little nervous about starting the process myself but readin about all the successes I surely have nothing to lose by trying? Tobster
  11. Thanks Scott. I found those but there are two that seem to be similar. UK Data Protection Compliance HSBC Bank plc Griffin House 4-01, 41 Silver Street Head Sheffield S1 3GG or Data Protection Act HSBC Bank Plc Service Quality Team Arlington Business Centre Millshaw Park Lane Leeds LS11 0PP Help!!!
  12. Hi all. I am about to send a letter requesting my original true credit agreement from HSBC regarding my managed loan. As this was not set up by my branch do I need to write to the collections team? I want to make sure that the letter goes to the right department to ensure the 12 + 2 days. In all other cases, do I just write to the head office? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  13. Hi Tony. I am about to log a dispute with HSBC in relation to my managed loan. I believe that the agreement is potentially unenforcable, although I'm not sure why yet! I was about to write to the charges resolution team as advised by the collections team but since stumbling across these forums I think this is the way to go. When you wrote to request a copy of your agreement last Nov did you inform them of the 12 days they had by law to reply?? It would be good to hear how your claim goes..
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