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  1. I have had a similar experience to you with BC & getting threatening letters from RMA/ scotcall etc. I also didn't receive a CCA from Egg and now don't know what to do next. Would a SAR to BC help?
  2. Should I still just print the signature at the end of the SAR rather than a proper siggie? And, is there really need to include this bit ? 'As it is your wrongdoing and mishandling of my account which has created the necessity for this Subject access request, I shall also be reclaiming the enclosed £10 DPA Subject access request fee.' ??
  3. Doh! Lol not used to these crazy links! Thanks
  4. Is there a template link for a SAR on here please? Thought I'd do both
  5. Just been looking at the CRA site and the debts show as they should. What happens to the original CCA when one credit card co gets taken over by another company? Are the original T&Cs transferable?
  6. I didn't realise that. It is pre 2007 so in that case I will definitely do it, nothing ventured etc.
  7. So the plan of action is 1 request CCA but expect them to reconstitute one so possibly no need? 2 No need to send IE info +/- reduce to £1 3 Reiterate my position to CC/DCA 4 Check CRA info 5 Post back with updates 6 Claim back bank charges (separate issue) 7 Stop fearing the phone/door knock and live life again.
  8. Thanks to you all, what a fab group of folk you all are, it's cheered me up no end.
  9. Not had any ppi as far as I know but I have had a lot of bank penalty charges and also credit card companies piling them on. How do I make a hardship claim to the bank please?
  10. I have tried to explain to the company about my situation and the problems experienced thus far and even the possibility of events changing favourably for me within 6months if recovery from the latest intervention goes well, but no dice. I'm just really fed up of the lack of humanity shown by them. I was in the high professional earner class before the excrement hit the wind propulsion device through death, disease and dreadful luck. A prior flawless credit record of 20 years counts for zero in their eyes. I'll never seek credit again after I get out of this mess.
  11. So you'd advise me sending them this info voluntarily to avoid this?
  12. The £10 is all I can afford but they want statements of proof of this which from searching here should not be necessary or is this incorrect? I will check the CRA's info as advised. Is it worth sending a CCA request or is this pointless now since the OFT revised guidelines in Oct 2010 in favour of the companies?
  13. Not posted here for a long time due to ill health but I am trying to fight back again. The debt situation is still dire but I'm hoping this will improve after advice from the experts here. One specific question I have relates to a credit card company that are currently giving me major grief. I wrote to them 4 years ago to tell them I was having major financial difficulties due to ill health which prevented me from working but they didn't help at all and just sent me a letter a few months later telling me that due to financial review of my account that it would be closed forthwith. I essentially got into deeper and deeper debt through trying to keep up the monthly payments but the old adage of 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' applies and last year I couldn't carry on and defaulted. I currently pay a token amount of £10/mth. They are now threatening legal action and CCJ. Given the fact that they closed my account have they breached any contract at all? What should I do re the NIC? Very depressed...
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