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  1. Update FOS have responded with the following: since it has been more than 6 months since our original complaint to Capital One, they are unable to help. We were not aware there was a time limit. also Capital took a long time trying to respond to our complaint and still have not provided clear answers. What are the options now?
  2. Update: Capital one have reject the claim again and is now being dealt by the FOS
  3. Update: They have sent 3 letters. 1: They have made their final decision and we have to complain to the FOS 2. Requesting more info in order to investigate the case further. 3. Saying their last letter was a mistake and they have concluded their investigation and stick to their final decision back in February and will not be paying out for any PPI premiums. All correspondence now going the FOS for them to investigate.
  4. Already have appealed through FOS. I wonder what other info they require ? One more thing to add. is it possible to ask for the phone conversations made to Capital Once since the complaint started ?
  5. Update= Since our last letter dated 30 July, Followed by a call on the 28 Aug chasing updates from them. We heard nothing until today. Their letter states the following: "We have been unable to complete our investigations within the original time frames stated on the acknowledgment dated 31 July due to us not having received the requested information to enable us to respond to the complaint" And later they say since its been over 8 weeks, we can now refer to FOS but its advisable for them to complete the investigation first but we need to submit the requested info before they can do so! Never received any other letter from them and not sure what information they need. They also acknowledged receiving the letter dated 31 July on the phone but no direct response in writing.
  6. We actually made a last minute complaint to FO on the deadline just in case. haven't heard from either !
  7. Just an update. Still have not heard anything back from Capital One!
  8. Made a follow up call today and was told they have already made their final decision on the PPI and we can escalate the matter further by complaining to the FO !!!!
  9. Just checking to see if we can still complain to the FO once the deadline has passed.
  10. Just an update ! i sent off the letter on the 1 August but no news from Capital One. What should i do ?send the letter to FO as well?
  11. Thank you will send off today. I have a feeling they have made a mistake on the PPI activation date on their letter.
  12. Im sure the call was recorded ! She was give the Capital One Relation Complaints PPI Capital One Nottingham NG2 3HX May be they got the activation date wrong
  13. Just called Capital One and she was told the account was opened on the 24/11/2003 that's the date on their system. Also, initially thought the application was made online back in 2003 not sure we had access to online applications back then but it seems it was done over the phone. Not very clear on details from their side. On the logs, it states it was accepted on the 11/11/2003 and the application starting date is the 13/10/2003. The customer service person said there seems to a discrepancy with the dates regarding PPI and has provided an address to write to find out why the dates differ !!!
  14. The card application date is unknown and have to double check as the earliest date on the SAR is 13/10/2003 She does not remember how the initial application was filled out or made. Should this be on the SAR? From their letter, The PPI was sold over the phone on the 13/10/2003 " when we were contacted to activate the card " so the application date is not clear here.
  15. Good observation. Will it be a good idea to go back to them about this or just complain direct FO ?
  16. The PPI was sold over the phone on the 13 October 2003 ?
  17. I meant Sorry I meant when ever you have the time. Appreciate all your help.
  18. LOL Hopefully you have time to contribute soon. Thanks
  19. this is the letter i will use: You refused my ppi reclaim because you mentioned that I agreed and purchased the PPI on a phone conversation with Capital One on 13th October 2003. It seems the PPI was already activated with the little sticker on the back without my knowledge. I have gone through the SAR but unable to locate any of this information as you claim. Please kindly outline where is the data that confirms I did agreed to this? I am looking to locate records of when the card was activated and when was the PPI activated
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