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  1. Hi all and Sct, To up date you on matters. I sent back to the bank the forms they sent me regarding financial hardship. The bank has responded. They offer £343 because they agree the hardship status, they also say that I should continue to 'talk' with their collectors to see how things can move forward. It srikes me; I (we are talking of my son) have incurred charges, the court found that they should be repaid, the court stayed the matters, except in cases of financial hardship. As the bank admits to my financial hardship status why do they not follow through? This at any rate will
  2. P.S. I should attempt to clarify; They are after..........£1,291.54 Interest CREDITED.....£23.48 Interest DEBITED......£197.61 Fees PAID..............£1,274.00 Therefor amount paid/debited is £I,471.61 With the interest of 8% I claimed for the fees (not yet for their interest debited) My claim could be in excess of...£1,651.89. They will have to work out how much of this WAS PAID by my son. I fear that this calculation may be beyond me. Tom.
  3. Thanks for getting back to me Scott, I did get a full list and I have them +%8 interest laid out in a table. I cannot paste it here though, I have tried. The charges total £1274: they term this figure as 'Amount of fees PAID' and not simply levied; Plus Interest DEBITED £197.61. The interest I have set out on this sum is £180.28 which brings my claim to £1454.28. Perhaps their interest debited I should also claim back? Meanwhile I got a letter from a seperate office of the Halifax offering a discount of %40 for a cash payment. Thanks again Scott, regards Tom.
  4. Friends, Further to Halifax telling me that the court case was on hold and could be that way for years I discovered elsewher 'moneysavingexpert' that my claim could go forward because of financial hardship. I sent Halifax a letter pointing this out. They have written to me to reiterate their points plus a financial statement for me to fill out. I suppose my next step is to send the completed assessment form and wait for their largesse? OR Is it time to involve the Ombudsman? Darlings, I would dearly love a litte feedback on these last points, please. Tom
  5. OOPS! There are points I forgot to mention...perhaps it is best if I copy the letter to the bank ... Thank you for your letter dated 4th June 2009. Which was in response to my request for: “ a complete list of transactions and charges relating to my banking history with your organisation.” Some confusion has arisen. Although I told you the reason for my request was to reclaim any disproportionate penalties that may have been levied against me the statements you sent contained no charges and confirmed that my banking history with Halifax Plc concluded with a zero cl
  6. Hello again friends, I did use the letter to reply to Wescot the debt colectors (thanks again Scott) I also wrote to the bank to clarify the mix-up; I said, given that I did ask for a full history of all my (my son's) banking with them...was their reply their answer to that? If so go tell Wescot. Also as I had written to warn them that I intended to reclaim all unfair charges why did they then send me statements that had no charges? I realized, rather late in the day, that charges over the lifetime of the account could easily come to more than they are claiming and
  7. Ooops! The actors in this play are:- Halifax, Wescot, Nelson & Guest and Eversheds. The bit in (this site's) letter, where I asked for statements, that speaks of 'Manual Intervention' has been answered in that such matters are not recorded centally, so no news. Is your notion that the 'debt' has been sold recorded under this heading? If so the figures are lost to me. More for me to ponder I guess. Sorry for the dely in info. Tom.
  8. Thanks again Scott. Nowhere in the statement does the balance go into the red, the sums peter-out to zero with a final balance of 17p paid in cash and the account closed. IF there was any debt to be claimed against the account holder why is there no sign of him going into the red? There is no sign either of charges being levied. That last point seems to nulify any claim for repayment; by the account holder OR the debt collector.. The covering letter seems to be stated in general terms.
  9. Dear friends, Thank you so much 'maroondevo52 I did not know the figures, I did use your excelent letter, I got a reply pretty quickly. I was sent 6 pages of bank account statement-0 covering the lifetime of my son's account. The last line of this statement, in bold, reads... 27 Jun 08 Closing Balance......(money in) X...(money out) X....(Balance) 0.00 I would now like to write to the Debt Collectors to point out that there is nothing owing. Given that I asked for a complete statement have I missed something? I am so grateful for the kind attention I hav
  10. Dear fiends, Push has come to shove. My son had an account with Halifax and is now being chased for £i,300 or so, the greater part of which is bank charges. I know I (he) should deal with this quickly; but, how to begin? It may be simply a matter of chalenging Halifax as to the amount owed and informing the debt collectors, however I fear that any mistake at this juncture could ruin the whole thing. Please, could someone advise me how to begin to sort this thing out? I have some trouble finding my way around this site (pro-formers etc.) and I do not wish to lumber
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