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  1. ok i will hold on, thanks so much.
  2. I stand corrected SAR is what I meant, well the Wescot has reference no and - Client Arrow Global - Style Card - whatever that is.
  3. What I meant was, with data protection, I was in debt few years ago, I seem to remember seeing some templates here, that were used, under data protection act. Maybe im wrong. To find out what info was being held by DCA's. There must be something, that they are holding, and would like to know what it is. However you are right, checking her credit reference would be a good idea. She hasn't looked at it for few years, as at her age she doesn't have any burning desire to get a mortgage or any bank loans etc. and she thought that debts was a thing of the past for her. I just can
  4. thanks for you reply first ship. agree with leaving it alone. my only concern is that this has come out of nowhere and potential exists for it to happen again, i really would like to find out what has happened and how it is they can behave like this, where it is quite clear they have no foundation whatsoever to persue somebody in this way. I can expect pressure for a "true " debt but this is one of those situation where had we been weaker we would have been now paying this debt, which is unacceptable. how do you feel about this?
  5. after a further threat of a debt collector and pressure, I sent wescott a CCA letter, and within 3 days they replied saying their client arrow global had instructed them to withdraw from collection activities regarding this account. Do you think we should do a data protection letter to find out what info they have, i remember reading some templates sometime back on here about data protection would like to find out exactly why they think they have reason to chase a debt that doesnt seem to exist, Im sure if there was a debt they wouldnt be withdrawing like this.
  6. I will do that, thanks very much for your advice.
  7. yes a prove it letter was sent, then they replied with a request for personal details, which was ignored, then a letter of debt final notice came and was replied with a letter asking them prove it, and now the request for personal details has come back again. The nice prove it letters seem to have proved that they have no proof, but still they do not want to give it up.
  8. It seems that Wescot have decided we will go around in circles. After sending my last letter. They have sent a duplicate of the previous letter sent asking for D.O.B previous addresses etc. Is there a strongly worded "go away and leave me alone or else" template anywhere here? Thanks Dazzr
  9. Im not sure, will have to go see her tonight and find out.
  10. Thanks for that, would you be surprised you if they had sold it anyway? I wouldnt.
  11. Great, thanks so much for your help, I will get this one out in the morning, and see what happens next. Best regards Dazzr
  12. hi there, and thanks all for your advice, I will send them a doorstep letter, but is that all i need to do for now, leave it to them to prove it?
  13. When I question her about it, she has no knowledge of this debt and is sure all debt was dealt with by IVA Should I send a CCA request, to them, also?
  14. Having ignored their request for personal details, we got a letter today:- " despite previous correspondence a balance still remains oustanding on the above account. Unless you make contact with us and agree repayment of £3790.57 within the next 10 days, collection activity will continue on the account. This may lead to: > a door step collector being instructed to visit your property to collect payment; or > Either us or our client taking Legal action against you through the courts. If legal proceedings
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