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  1. Hi All I am looking for some independent advice, before we get too involved with solicitors. A distant family member has died intestate age 30. He was living with his unmarried partner and mother of his 6 month old child. The only asset is a house valued at c £120k. It is my understanding that this will follow the intestacy rules, with the house ending up in this statutory trust until the child is 18. Who appoints trustees? What happens next. The mother now will be on benefits. Does the trust charge the mother rent, or should she live rent free whilst looking after the child. How would this effect housing benefit? Would it even be due. Any advice welcomed thanks
  2. Hi My son received a parking ticket, which I presume he didnt pay. He has moved house a lot and the notice must have gone to a previous address - didnt notify the dvla until last week when it was changed. Bailiffs called this morning. Demanded 300 plus there and then. Bailiff returns 30 minutes later and demands 691 pds as truck is on its way. Mu son offered the 300 there and then but the bailiff refused. Is this legal. thanks
  3. Yes of course the lease can be assigned. But who wants a business earning nothing, or an empty shop with a rent more than the open market rent.
  4. #thanks all for responses, unfortunately I concur with mariner51. But bankruptcy not for me as I could lose some property. Was just being hopeful, that somebody knew a way out.
  5. No there are rent reviews every three years Upwards only. It is wrong but it is a commercial contract I agreed to when things were better. This is a very common lease problem.
  6. There is no break clause. your are reliant upon the good will of the landlord. and if there isnt any, they come after you for the rent
  7. Landlord only bought last year at auction and in my view paid too much. He wont give an inch and i think he will persue me for the rent.
  8. Tks for reply. Last period for rent increase was 2 months ago, although javent agreed renewal with landlord. rent just continuing. I guess penalties if i cease trading will be being personally pursued by landlord. not a member of any group. I think I am on a loser here, just continue to pay and work for nothing, or cease trading and expect to be pursued. It is very tough
  9. I have a small shop, which is halfway through a 20 year, full repairing and insuring lease. With upward only rent reviews. I currently pay £14,000 per year rent. There are a number of empty shops around me and for the same size the rent offered are £8,000 pa on similar size properties. Things have become very tough and I now find this rent difficult to pay. Has anybody any ideas, other than agreeing with the landlord, who will not renegotiate. thanks
  10. TT thanks for quick reply could you pm me your email address thanks
  11. Hi I am in a similar position. I wrote to them offering to pay reduced interest payments and stopped DD while they replied. Now been passed to DCA. Was there an outcome?
  12. Cheers PT have read the thread now. Asked the delightful Hallowitch for some precedents. ty c
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