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  1. well, not sure where to start, my car is in with arnold clark renault, it was given to them via my car insurances approved repair center coz they were unable diagnose my problem, i had jumped a kerb to avoid a colision while traveling at arount 30-40 mph and the car made a rattle as if somthing was doped into the engin and it switched off. so.. arnold clark renault said that my timing idler pully had snaped off - my timing belt is fine aparently. they were told to chek why the car was not starting so they said it is due to the timing idler pully but this is not due to any accesdine
  2. hi guys its been a while but the DCA are still looking for a sighed copy of my cca request they have said they require it as the OC has requested it. as mentioned before they have recieved the request infact lost it as well which they admited to which i resent unsigned again. is there somthing i can send them stating that they do not requre it signed as they have been sending me correspondance to the address before... to get them off my back.
  3. another letter asking why then now need it signed???
  4. should i just send another letter or just ignore their request
  5. Hi Guys got a call from the DCA 2day they left a message asking if i can resend the last letter sent (account in dispute) as the OC says was not signed and need this, i sent the letter on the 07-05-2009 and 2day 18-06-09 is the only contact i have had still no Orignal Credit agreement from them.. dont know what they are playing? at what should be my next step.. and why would they need it signed??
  6. How long do they have once they receive the dispute letter to reply they ot it on the 12-05-09
  7. got my reply from OFT Tele No (084) 5722 4499 Our ref Epic/Enq/E/61316 Fax (020) 7211 8877 Date 19 May 2009 Email enquiries@oft.gsi.gov.uk Dear Mr Yamin Consumer Credit Act 1974 (the Act) Complaint Against: First Credit Management Limited Licence No: 376968 Thank you for your email received on 9 May 2009. I am very sorry to hear about the difficulties you have been experiencing, however the OFT has no authority to become involved in disputes between consumers and traders and so we cannot offer you any direct help with the complaint o
  8. sorry ment to say sent the Account In Dispute letter thay recieved it on the 12-05-09 athough cant find any default letter from my Orignal Creditor will have to digg deep into the peperwork to see what i do and dont have from the DCA and OC
  9. can they reinforce it at a later date, the default letter was recieved on the 12-05-09 by the DCA how long do they have once the defaul letter is sent out to reply
  10. i havent paid them since i started this and i am not going to, so what will happen to the debt??
  11. hi guys i have sent the dispute letter they recieveed it on the 12-05-09 and tried to make a complaint but not heard anything from the oft yet just want to know what my next steop should be?? the DCA have stoped calling as well which is good but did have a few missed calls from them a while ago but nothing since.... any help is appreciated
  12. from my understanding it would say it means if your rent is in arrear 14 days after its due they may start repossesion procedings.....
  13. i havent but will do thanks. i take it i should wait to see what happens in regards to payment as they have advised that they payment for the CCA request has also been lost in the post???
  14. I am extremely P**** off at First Credit Management, they keep calling and leaving messages to call them back quoting my ref number they call every day albeit only once a day but its really …… I sent them the letter as above in my posts as they failed to comply with the CCA after admitting it got lost in the post, I sent them a copy of the cca request but no payment as was sent already and as they put it got lost in the post when forwarding it to the original Creditor, so not sure what to do???? Should I send them another payment or ignore them, ???? I do feel giving them a piece of my mind bu
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