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  1. i have contacted vodfone many times re this.
  2. well until i hear from vodafone i have told Lowells i will not pay anything. i want to know why the direct debit was cancelled by them in the first place and i will not be paying for a debt that is over two years old until i get the correct and relevant information, if at all.
  3. hi, i have raised this as a formal complaint but the housing assocaition have such an apparent lack of concern over it. i have informed them that i have two sets of families in the same block both with children and the risk to them. the gas was leaking out of the vents in the living room and i have lit cnadles and such like inthere and have had my eleven month old nephew over on many occasion. i am going to raise it with the housing ombudsman as i think it is disgraceful that they rendered the flats fit to be inhabited and have completed annual safety checks and have not picked this
  4. recently i had an issue with my housing association, i had my annual gas safety check in may.june and this resulted in my gas being turned off for three days as there was a gas leak. three days later the gas contractors (organised by my H/A) came out in order to repair the leak. it was one guy on his own and they told me it could tkae all day resulting in me having to tkae the day off work as they couldnot narrow down when he would get there. he ended up taking the skirting board off in the living room and managed to locate the leak. it appears that when the property was built they were
  5. good afternoon, i am wondering if someone can help. i have applied for PPi back from Welscum finance but they have said as i am in default this will be put back onto the end of the loan. Can they do this?
  6. are vodafone able to chase a debt from dec 2007 after they cancelled the direct debit i had with them as i termintaed my contract?
  7. lol - where can i find the list? would like to see if my locla branch is being closed.
  8. hi b4bod, was this for the PPI - they have told me i cna't have mine back it will be taken off the final figure of the loan.
  9. has there been any news on welcome finance and cattles as yet?
  10. ia m inclined to only deal with the compliance depatment - if they still don't agree i will seek professional financial advice. thanks for all your help. i belive i have a copy of my agreement at home so am going to go through it with a fine tooth combe when i get home.
  11. Moosehead - under the circumstances why not send off a CCA request to WF compliance in Nottingham - it may be your agreement is rubbish and it will get you a full statement so you can start to fight back on the charges that will undoubtedly be on there. As a matter of interest what kind of loan is it? HP/personal/CST/secured etc. When was it signed and has it been extended/topped up? If you really want to upset them send them a Subject Access Request - they don't like that. Also, is it a local branch chasing you? You may want to send the "no phone contact" letter and only deal with
  12. thanks for that T2upNorth, lol - reading everything on here for Welcome Finance i wish i had never got involved and am thinking of writing to their trade assoscaition and raising a complaint about my account manager and how he has accused me of lying on my DMP. its not as if i have said i won't pay!!!!!!
  13. thanks for that - i didn't know that. they are a vile company and i wish i had never got involved with them but then again hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  14. welcome finance are vile - i sent a debt management plan to them along with an offer of a montly payment and they basically told me my budget sheet was fraudulent and i was being economical with the truth and also went on to say that because of the job i do i should be more honest about the figures i have submitted. they have alos requested every bit of paperwork i have to substantiate my personal budger sheet - like they will be getting any of it. I also sent the proposed amount to them by cheque which they cahsed and then said i still needed to make the monthly payment less the che
  15. No How Would That Help When I Am Offering Them A Payment So Am Acknowledging The Debt?
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